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You're right JJay - all our codes have been changed as well. Because of the fairly consistent issue of Mac players being banned (for no reason) after every update, our co-op had kept a note of everyones town codes so that we could report issues on their behalf. I haven't checked them all, but those players I have asked have all reported different codes.
Another reason for the disenchantment, is that no prior notice of any change was given to Mac users. Our game was shut down for "technical maintenance' for an afternoon, and when we were able to get back in, what we found was a shambles. No problems for those with just a Mac town, but many of us have iOS towns as well. It would have been really nice if we'd had some prior notice of this.
Sorry, I was typing as you posted, but they have just announced it - late as usual! Of course it would have been better if they'd said something beforehand, but sadly we can't expect anything like customer service from Playrix. Unfortunately you'll find people still get banned for no reason after every update - it's exactly the same for us.

Not sure how it will work, but I'd be very careful if you have towns on Mac and iOS, especially if they're both linked to the same Facebook account. Fingers crossed it won't give you any problems.