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Thread: MAC USERS: Thread For Your Specific Questions and Discussion

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    MAC USERS: Thread For Your Specific Questions and Discussion

    This thread is for players of Township on MAC (not the mobile version).

    You can post your questions here to get help from other players and discuss events/updates relevant to your platform.
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    Hi OK so I play on a mac laptop. I love the game. How many days until the port is released for mac users? Will I get the update in the app store or will it be automatic?

    level 33
    mac laptop

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    Hi, Mema!

    I asked Kuen the very same question, and she indicated it would likely be next week.

    If you are interested in adding more Mac Users as friends in the mean time, you are welcome to add your GameCenter name and we Mac users could send a friend request.

    An easy way to do this (and something that I didn't do until I was on this forum for about a month) is to create a signature, which will show (any info you enter) under a fine line at the bottom of your posts. I recommend you could use the info you entered manually, with the possible addition of your GameCenter name.

    From a post by Graylady:

    How to add a signature
    You see some information at the bottom of some regular poster and you wonder how to do that ? This is called a "signature" and you have to go to your settings to add one.

    To get to your settings, once you have log in, click on the "full site" link at the bottom of the opening page. You will see a link to your "Settings" on the upper right part of the screen. Click on it.

    Once on your Settings page, scroll down and check the left part of the screen where a list of options are. Click on "Edit Signature"

    On the next screen you will have a Preview on top and a box to write your text. Enter the text you want to show and click the button "Save Signature" at the bottom right of the writing box.

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    Sandro Sebastiani
    I'm really disappointed with the update. Why we have to wait for another week, while all the other users have it?
    It sounds extremely unfair and I am loosing my will to play Township.
    Last update crashed and we had to wait for 10 days to have it fixed. Now we have to wait one extra week. Really sad about this policy

    Alessandro Sebastiani
    Town: Supernuuu Town
    Level 55
    Mac OS X (10.10.2)
    Game Center ID: trowel81

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    Daniel Hopmans
    I'm on your side Sandro. It's very unfair.

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    This seems to be the pattern for us Mac OS X users. Each update comes last (or nearly last) in the cycle.

    I have my theories as to why (less users, less Mac OS X programmers vs. mobile platforms), but I have never received an official reply as to the real reason.

    If Kuen or Liza could chime in on this, it would be great!

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    Mac Update is now available!

    If you haven't already seen it, just want to let Mac users know - the update is now available in the App Center!

    Spring is here! And, time to repair the port (and all that entails…)
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    Daniel Hopmans
    thanks for the heads up sandssmith!

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    Has anyone else had issues with Playrix games displaying a screen that's not maximized? The edges are cut off on this latest update!

    This happened when I purchased Barnscapes and one other of their games. I was so happy Township was perfect but now that I installed the new update, it's chopped again.


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    Hi, I am new to the forum!
    Gatoradict, I am on a 13'' mac with the newest OS version and I dont see any annoying capped edges. All seems okay here.
    But I am not so sure whether I do understand properly what you mean. My entire town does not fit on my window, I have to move around with the trackpad to see all areas. But I think that is meant to be so.

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