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Thread: High Level Players' Concerns

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    Luis Montes Soriano
    Hola y saludos a todos.Completamente de acuerdo en todos las quejas y comentarios.
    yo también quiero estar en esa lista .Nivel 82

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Montes Soriano View Post
    Hola y saludos a todos.Completamente de acuerdo en todos las quejas y comentarios.
    yo también quiero estar en esa lista .Nivel 82
    From Google Translate :

    Hello and greetings to all. I Completely agree on all the complaints and comments.
    I also want to be on that list. Level 82
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- Playing on Android, not on Facebook
    Township level 206, Zoo 194 animals, --- coop #HHPY84

    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    I am at level 71 and I would like to be added to the list.

    I have so enjoyed playing the game but it has gotten very boring as I am tired of planting, harvesting, and filling orders. There is no need to advance to the next level as it is the same thing over again. I sure miss the Township game I couldn't wait to play through out the day every day for the last year. I still play but am looking for another game to fill my time. One visit a day to Township is enough for me.

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    Please add my name to the list. I agree with someone who said that the one positive of the update is that it has cured their addiction. I work from home and used to sign on often. I'm embarrassed that I was excited to get up in the morning early so I could play for an hour or two before kids got up. I'm sleeping in now. .

    Really really bored with playing. The port was the biggest let down after all the hype. the graphics in the game are really great. I appreciate all the little nuanced animation that keeps improving but there's got to be something else to do.

    Thanks for listening....

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Ralph's message.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    I, like Nana, just wanted to let you guys know exactly how I feel...

    So, in a nutshell, you've taken "Township" a really cool town-building game, and morphed it into nothing more than another version of "FarmVille", without the cutesy cartoon theme... Do I have this right???

    Update... Now we now where all that stuff that drops down from the top of the screen in "Cookie Jam" comes from...

    Update... I'll give you the benefit of doubt... I'll wait to see what the March update brings, but I'm not going to wat with baited breath... Prove me wrong devs!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    Liza... Thank you for your response; however, I would add one thing to pass on to the devs... For the so-called "newbies"... You have given them an almost entirely new game to play than the one the advanced players have... They now have nearly three times the activities to accomplish than we did... I know it's probably too late for the March update, but I really think it's time to start developing VERY HEAVILY the upper levels and limits to the game... I think we have earned it and I really don't think it's the goal of Playrix to just say goodbye to all of us who have played this game for over a year...
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    Roger Francis Trego
    Steve219 message

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve219 View Post
    Just to add my name to the list. I won't repeat all of my thoughts from my posts in the other thread, but suffice it to say I feel exactly like Nana.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Oilman message

    Quote Originally Posted by Oilman View Post
    I am getting very concerned about how much longer I shall be playing Township after reading the last few days forum posts.Like a lot of "serious" players I am now at level 71, I have 1.5 millions coins,have played on a daily basis for probably 10 months,& have finished all the buildings so I was looking forward to the next update. I am fed up just sowing seeds & harvesting or producing goods & then just selling them to increase my already overloaded coin chest. What is the point of me achieving other levels. Nothing happened when I reached 70, then 71, so what's the point of levelling up?
    Especially when it takes quite a few days & many hours playing the game, to achieve another level (it's nearly 400,000 xp
    for me to reach a higher level for what?).
    Any comments from Kuen?

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Orangecrush message

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangecrush View Post
    Hey Liza, if the Developer's really do read what we here on the forum and Facebook are writing about. I would think that they take this information and make the game the way we are requesting. For a long time now we have been asking for more land. We have also asked for the ability to be able to design our town's as we would like to. There are a lot of good idea's here that us long time player's have taken the time to give our input on.

    You should be able to tell by now that we are not a bunch of player's just complaining about the game because we have nothing else to do. "If" the Developer's really do read our comments and request's they should know that they need to keep us player's excited and wanting to play Township everyday without getting bored. I really hope that this new update is just not a bunch of producing and selling for coin's and XP points. Yes the new update sounds like it might be exciting being able to explore new island's. But if it is just going to be the same old stuff we have been doing then I think a lot of us will be disappointed. So far the hints (especially the last one) is not what I was hoping for.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the game and play everyday. But like a lot of other long time player's I'm getting kind of bored with the same old stuff and hoping for more.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Chic121 message

    Quote Originally Posted by Chic121 View Post
    Hey Nana.

    Must agree with all you have just said and Ralph above you!! I too have this feeling that the long long wait for Port is just another sell and buy feature. Even though it will probably look great but I think somewhere along the line it's been a little forgotten that this game is called Township!! Nothing to build, make or create. No land to expand or redesign with and no sign of any coming!!! I used to play FarmVille few year ago, yes this is tons better in some ways but at least we could grow and expand as we wished to according to our wealth etc. Like many of us I've put a lot of work time and money into my Town and don't want to abandon it, but patience and creativity is wearing very very thin.. I'm really bored.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    I took the liberty to add some people names to the list when they very recently posted a message going in exactly the same direction. I reposted their message above.

    A lot of nostalgy around the time where you couldn't wait to play township... sometime even waking up early to do so ;-)

    I hope the Kuen and Liza will take notice of the genuine root cause of the frustration.

    Township is so good at the first levels, that you eventually have only 2 kind of players. The "high level" ones, and the ones "soon to become high level".

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