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Thread: High Level Players' Concerns

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    Roger Francis Trego

    High Level Players' Concerns

    First of all, thanks for the develloper who brought us this very nice game. We really like it since we spent around year playing it.

    I'm starting this thread to highlight the fact that a lot of us (high level players) are having very serious concerns regarding the direction this game is taking.
    This is is not your run of the mill "random player useless sour mood complaint" for the sake of it.
    Reading this forum, this is a genuine general feeling of frustration amongst us.
    This is just a game... but the result will probably be most people telling farewell to their town between level 70 and 90. Not a big deal, but it would be a shame.

    I will list 3 things in this thread and keep it up to date:

    1-Facts (not opinions) of what is lost for high level players.
    2-List of people with level >70 who agree the direction of the game should change to focus more on the high level play. (every player is likely to get there eventually.)
    3-Very generic ideas/direction that we would like to see the game taking. I guess we won't all agree on that. It fine... as long as SOMETHING is done for us.

    We need to see commitment that we will be looked after in the next updates. Not just generic acknowledgement mails (thanks for your feedback bla bla)


    1-Construction materials are useless. It is annoying to have to sell almost everything that trains bring, or to open a chest with construction material. They should keep some usage somehow.
    2-Expansion materials are useless. Same as above.
    3-Coins are useless. I guess most of us are millionaires.
    4-There is nothing else to build or to look forward to. (A couple of achievements... yeah)
    5-We cannot expand any more. When an update comes, we can use all the expand in 5 minutes.

    >70 people who like the game but would like to see the direction changing

    If you feel the fun is not what it used to be.
    If you like this game, but feels that there is nothing much really to do at your level, please reply to this post.

    -Rick McEntire
    -Luis Montes Soriano

    I'll add generic idea given in the replies.

    -Do something about all the useless materials/Items that we receive.
    -Explore more the intertown relationship. The "fill your friend trains" idea was fantastic, you should build on that.
    -Put Building/stuff/land accessible only at the highest levels. (70/75/80/85)
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    Hear hear....

    And I would like to add one more.... SPACE/LAND.... we don't spend a year playing the game, slowly designing our dream town layout... only to find we don't have space/land to keep building/decorating....

    I once love this game because it reminded me so much like the PC game Sim City of my youth... but now, without expansion of game map.... this is no longer a building game...

    I would very much preferred NOT to end my nearly year long ownership of my town... but its getting harder to keep playing....

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Quote Originally Posted by diver-hloc View Post
    Hear hear....

    And I would like to add one more.... SPACE/LAND.... we don't spend a year playing the game, slowly designing our dream town layout... only to find we don't have space/land to keep building/decorating....

    I once love this game because it reminded me so much like the PC game Sim City of my youth... but now, without expansion of game map.... this is no longer a building game...

    I would very much preferred NOT to end my nearly year long ownership of my town... but its getting harder to keep playing....
    ok, so taking note: nowhere to expand. Adding that to the facts in the top thread.
    We could imagine new expansions available on a per level basis. So say getting to level 82 would give you new expansions.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Looking at Nana's other thread, I think I can add her to the list of people above...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Dear Developers, it is so nice to know some of your names. All very lovely names, too.

    The long awaited port is here. The boats (or are they ships?) are very nice and I love watching them bob on the water. I see your creativity too, in the Isles - making sure they each have a unique and international flair about them. Of course, I have to admit I am a bit partial to Olivia Isle! The fruits are realistic looking and very colorful and I am thrilled you included olives among their number.

    Kudos to a job well done and the long journey you all must have taken technically to pull it off. It is a shame we are not all ecstatic and high fiving over this achievement. But, the past few months have taken a toll on players. I am not certain, judging by Kuen's and Liza's comments, that any of you fully comprehend what we players have been experiencing in the game once we reached the dreaded and awful Level 60 and above. Early this morning, coffee in hand, I wrote about how I feel and am taking the liberty of repeating it here via cut and paste:

    I awoke this morning and logged into Township.

    I had my usual 3 trains waiting at the station, filled mostly with building materials that I haven't had any use for in weeks and mining tool boxes.

    The Airplane was back and waiting at the Airport for its cargo to be filled.

    The 3 boats full of fruit were at the Port, awaiting unloading and ready to be sent off again.

    I realized that I have become a robot. All time at this game is spent filling boxes and crates, loading manufacturing queues, planting and harvesting crops. Because I worked very hard to earn coins, and because I invested modestly and wisely I have a nice stash of TCash. This allows me to periodically BUY my way out of the nightmare this game has become.

    I haven't looked at or enjoyed my actual town in weeks and weeks. All focus is on the heliport, the train station, the airport, and now the port. I have become a slave, a mechanical robot like the developers have drawn. I am no longer playing anything, just an automaton.

    I cannot express in words what a depressing and disappointing game this is becoming.

    I began the Township game because of the creative aspects of it - town building, layout, planning, design - adding little extras to make it fun or nice to look at. All creative aspects of this game went away long ago. It has devolved into a sameness for the game player - repetitious and monotonous. You are very creative women, imagine if you were no longer allowed to be creative. That is how your players now feel.

    Thank you for the countless hours over the last year for a wonderful game. Sometimes relationships just end, because there is no purpose to them any more. I am wondering lately if that is true of my relationship to Township.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    Marigold message.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marigold View Post
    Time I put my 2 bobs worth in for comment.

    The best thing about this upgrade is that it has cured my addiction. Bored to sobs with grow, reap sell, fill trains etc, I too waited for the BIG update. Well, what do you know, more grow ,reap,etc etc. I have elected to let the port build by itself and reading comments, I think that's a wise move.
    I have lost interest entirely and now will probably play once a day. Won't go away entirely, but won't rush home any more. Cannot see any excitement in what's now available.
    Also had a glitch whereby the helicopter was frozen, and if you clicked on it, the whole game froze. I had to restart my IPad each time. Not clearing the barn via customer orders for 2 days made a big difference. It is fixed now by deleting the game and reloading.
    What is it about sugar and buckets of corn! All my friends seem to want to complete orders are these 2 items in bulk. I have enough trouble keeping up with my own supply. Sugar yuk, puts me off for life.
    Ingots, oh dear! Gold is rare as hens for me. When I hear ingots are needed for the ships etc, I just shudder. I've tried Raja, but I'm out too much for him to be good value, stopped buying boxes in the mine and just try to send as many trains as possible to get mining tools.
    As for the gold balloons, they are as useless as the mine boxes. Glass, nails tiles etc. who needs them.

    NOW I feel better, and off to sew!!

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    Same here. I'm relatively new, considering I started playing just 6 months ago, but I'm home a lot, so I'm level 83.

    And bored out of my mind. I could stop playing for a month and I wouldn't miss out on anything, it's not like there's anything to aim for anymore... My factories are all upgraded for time, I guess I will work on shelves next... xp... who cares? No point in leveling at all.

    Same old decorations, no new building, 4 million coins gathering dust... Can't even upgrade my barn more than once a week even with the trains at 50% because the materials are completely unbalanced (my barn is at 800 currently). I do wonder a lot why I'm even still playing.

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    Hi Roger and All,

    I've been playing for 11 months and I haven't missed a day yet...
    I've been a lurker on the forum for the past 9 months - I feel as if I know most of you, even though you've never heard of me until today ;-)
    And, today, I have joined the forum and I am posting because this most recent update needs to be addressed.
    I whole-heartedly agree with Roger, Nana, Francl27, Marigold and the others who have voiced their concerns here and elsewhere.
    I would like my name added to the list.

    I think Township is an Outstanding Game and has a lot of positives. But since I "reached the dreaded and awful Level 60 and above" (to quote Nana) my sense of joy has diminished day-by-day. Currently, I feel I have no aim, no sense of purpose for myself. The greatest daily pleasure I have from the game is when i can supply all, most, some or even just one of my friends with something that they need for their trains and/or planes.

    Some IDEAS, as per Roger's suggestion above:
    1) The ability to buy Ingots (even at inflated prices) from the Mint
    2) The ability to send building materials and expansion materials to players who are at lower levels.
    In effect, sponsoring another player with the increased satisfaction of responsibility for their growth (Town-Twinning, indicated on each players sign, maybe?)
    Payment for materials could be, for example:
    - xp from the system (ala. Ernie's train)
    - 1 Township Cash from the system
    - gold as if the materials had been sold normally,
    - Nothing more than the feeling of goodwill to other (and the knowledge that the material wasn't wasted)
    3) The ability in-game to post a public message/sign (once per day, for example) - with no references to outside world/politics/hot potatoes allowed.
    4) The ability to buy (even at inflated prices) multiple factories (such extra factories becoming available only at higher levels)
    5) The ability to use Township Coins to buy improved mining techniques (increased % of finding ore, higher % of mining tools in each train delivery) this would go some way to addressing the Township Cash-vs.-ores/ingots imbalance.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Hi mr. (Maritkowo). Very nice to meet you and hear your input. Welcome to the Forum and look forward to reading more comments from you in the future.

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    Rick McEntire
    My friend Sani asked me to post on her behalf, as she can't sign on to this forum. I have many levels to go before I reach 70, so I can't count myself among you, but she is at level 72, and wants the developers to know that she plays daily because she loves her town, but she no longer loves the game. When I told her about this post, she said she agrees with all the other players who have contributed, and wanted me to post for her. Please add her name to the list.

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    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for starting this thread.

    You can add my name to the list of the unsatisfied.

    My idea is to be able to build on the new islands with new buildings/factories specific to them. All materials would have to come from the Mainland (original town). Products could be exchanged between Mainland and the islands. Each island would have helicopters to fill orders on that island. I think this idea would allow us to start over without loosing our TCash, coins and factory upgrades. There is the potential to occupy us for a considerable length of time.

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