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Thread: Gardenscapes: The Real Story

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    This is so true! LOL Terrific write-up! You really explained the dynamics of this relationship. So, what does this mean? The master/mistress is not too bright? Or the butler is a bona fide genius?
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    Love it, but surly the smug work shy won't get away with it forever....... What happens next, the poor unsuspecting heir who was abandoned by her rich father, and who's poor destitute mother had to put her up for adoption, so she had no idea who her rich father was until she learnt that in his remorse he had left her everything in his will!! She can't possibly end up slaving for Austin forever!!

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    My grandmother actually had a butler. Austen doesn't act the part at all. For one thing, real butlers do their work indoors. Austen's comments are also completely unsubservient. "Oh, there you are. You've been gone almost three days" and i do play EVERY day. I am the heir, the boss. I want to sack the butler! No more sarcasm, petulance, narrow-mindedness or insulting words and behaviour. He can prepare his c.v. and read about his position being available in that tabloid he likes to peruse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Westbrook View Post
    [...] Nay...for if you thought the garden was bad....wait until you see INSIDE the mansion!!!
    ...gasp! *whispering* Homescapes....
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