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Thread: Gardenscapes: The Real Story

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    Gardenscapes: The Real Story

    Long ago, a butler named Austin came into the service of a rich gentleman. For many many years he buttled and buttled for him until the rich man reached a ripe old age. Loyal to a fault, Austin stood by his master dutifully through all his ups and downs. Austin, too, had grown well into adulthood and soon his master's fated time had come to depart this world. It was a sad day for all. But Austin took pride in the work he did to maintain the mansion and its grounds and at least took solace that he would inherit his master's mansion to live out the rest of his days.

    In the days and weeks that followed, Austin set to work filing his master's will and testament when he came upon a shocking surprise - the master had an heir! Who knew?! This person, never called, never wrote, why they never even stopped by for a visit! Not even once! And yet there it was written in the master's undeniable hand - the mansion was to be left to this person who never cared for his master. It was then that Butler Austin cracked. For many more weeks he smoked 3 packs a day [Ed's note: no really - have you heard his voice?!] and eventually hatched a devious plot. He would allow this uncaring, undeserving person to become the new master but his days of butling were over! He had buttled his last buttle! No, he would instead make the new master do all the butling! And so he devised a sinister plan: The butler would fool his new master into doing all the work for him! All his new master would have to do to get anything done around the yard is complete a mostly luck-based match 3 puzzle while doing all the work! Does the master want to fix the fountain? That'll be TWO Match 3 puzzles! Does the master want to make a phone call to the plumber? That'll be...erm...TWO! Yes! TWO! Match 3 puzzles as well! MUA HA HA! Indeed even the most mundane task of picking up a phone and using it would be out of the master's grasp unless they completed these puzzles. Of course, we couldn't expect the master to all this for free, so we'll just give the new master a pittance of their father's vast fortune.....50 coins per puzzle will do nicely! Maybe a little more for a job well done. After all there is much to do and much to fix in this vast garden and good help is just SO hard to find these days....

    And so our intrepid hero, Butler Austin, was able to live out many more years of relaxing in the sun and drinking lemonade while the new master did all the work - bamboozled by the hundreds of match 3 games before him. But is this the end of our story?! Nay...for if you thought the garden was bad....wait until you see INSIDE the mansion!!!

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    Well done. I loved it. 3 packs a day.

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    Hahahahahaha this is the greatest post I have ever read on this forum. Two puzzles to lift up a phone lol

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    I hope you don't get a problem cos you told us....

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    That is the really cool.

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    Great, this explains everything!

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    Jason, that's pure perfection! I'll be sure to read the story to our team and check if it wasn't a part of our initial script leaked !

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    Hahaha I love this backstory! This should be made into the official trailer for the game! It explains everything and why it seems more like he is the master and I am butler lol...seriously got so annoyed over him insisting on a hazmat suit for applying the fertilizer just because he didn't want to turn green THREE match 3 puzzles for the suit! Another THREE more for mixing the fertilizer! THREE more for each spray of fertilizer! While he lazes around playing with the dog and slacking off...
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    Sweeping, raking, watering! I knew he was laughing at us. I get my revenge by sending him from task to task. I notice he can be rather snippy at times. Just wish I could get back to my garden. I've been looking for keys for forever and just got my SECOND SET OF CHESTS to open. Set me back so I can work for Austin some more. I'm no where near ready to go inside. I've barely started outside!

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