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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here!

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    Hello townies,

    Well here goes, as we all know we are a bunch of Township addict's!!! My wife started playing Township before I did and I kept asking her what the heck she was doing all the time on her phone. Watching her tap and swipe over and over again, then giggle, or I would hear the sound of cow's or chickens and she told me. I found this really cool game called Township where you can build a town grow crop's and stuff like that. So I said let me see, after that I was hooked and loaded the game on my phone. After playing on my small phone screen for a while I got fed up with trying to do everything the game required. So I went out and bought a tablet that was on sell at Wally World, better known as Walmart, LoL. Having a tablet made my gaming experience much more enjoyable so I went out and bought another one for the wife so she could enjoy the game better. We both play through out the day everyday and at one point I was ahead of her. But she finally past me just the other day because she uses Raja all the time to fill order's.

    Anyway, enough about the game.

    I have been married for over 20 years to my sweet heart Melissa and have 2 boy's. One just turned 21 (oh man that means he can buy alcohol) LoL and my other boy is 18. Both great kids... Most of the time, LoL.

    I was born in California and lived in a town called Simi Valley for over 40 year's. Then we moved to the DFW part of Texas where I retired from a company called Lockheed where I helped make fighter aircraft. I had a lot of great experiences working there and it was a lot of fun. I helped work on support equipment for the space shuttle's as well as other support equipment for the fighter aircraft after becoming a Project Manager.

    Enough about me, now about my interest's. I like to get out and enjoy life, we have a couple of UTVs. Better known as Polaris RZRs, luckilhy we have a lot of places to ride out here in Texas. So we get out whenever we can and I have a couple of boys that really enjoy getting out. When I was younger I used to really like to water ski and snow ski and as you can imagine living in California I did my share of surfing.

    As a parting note, I would like to thank all the new friends I have found here. You all are great and really make this forum something better than most others. Graylady, Nana, Ralph, Kuen, Liza, Svetlana and everyone else I can't think of right now. Thank you. :-)

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    Questions, while I wait to be occupied with the game update.

    Kuen: I love to eat and am trying to expand my Asian culinary experience. Is there a "comfort food" that is typically Vietnamese that you could recommend to me. And possibly, even tell me how to prepare?

    Liza: what do you most look forward to seeing when you visit Ireland. No, the pubs don't count.

    Annie/Deb: water colors are a more difficult genre than other media, as one needs to work quickly. What are your favorite subjects to paint?

    Ralph: I know first hand your knowledge of painters and their paintings. Do you have a favorite artist or style?

    Graylady: hybridizing day lilies sounds really intriguing. Why did you choose them? Is your climate really favorable? What about them made you choose them? I love them, by the way, but not all love my hot, dry climate. They are reliable perennials when they are well suited to their environment.

    Jax/Jacqui: born hundreds of years ago? Did you ever meet (hopefully not marry) Henry VIII? Just kidding. Do you have any tips on "kicking the habit?"

    Andorian/Heidi: I was born in Texas (the Panhandle), but we moved when I was a toddler. Whereabouts is the "hill country?" Enquiring minds want to know!

    Marigold: I just love Australians. Worked for a large Ag company run by them and fell immediately in love with all of them! But it is a hell of a long flight to visit you, doncha know! Sorry you are a widow and had to move. Are you a Downton Abbey fan by any chance?

    Okay, questions done. Guess I'll go harvest wheat or something. Gawd knows I can't build anything!


    Orangecrush posted while I was typing! How fun! I came to Calif via Texas and you did the reverse! You were one of the first commenters I encountered when I first arrived at the Forum in a panic because my town was in danger of flooding. I have never forgotten that or you!
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    Nana... Here are my favorites...

    Art... Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night

    Architecture... Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water

    Music... Bette Midler, Thighs and Wispers

    Books... Frank Herbert, Dune Series

    Movies... The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

    TV... Game of Thrones (HBO)

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    Just wondering Is there a Bar and Smoking section in this Lounge?

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    Rick McEntire
    My name is Rick, that's short for Richard, with a capital R, which rhymes with nothing.

    I am a never married senior citizen with many different hobbies, and that means I'm not very good at any of them, but I like to have fun and I get bored easily. I wrote my first computer program on a Univac 1106 in 1975, have worked as a database administrator in the aerospace industry, and as a networking fixit guy in telephony industry. My friends will tell you that I know all about computers, but that is far from the truth, I just know how to fix a few common issues. Or I did, I'm starting to lose interest in keeping up with the latest. But I was one cooking dude when I upgraded my VIC-20 from 8K to 32K.

    I write poems and songs, play guitar, play at drums and piano, create music on my computer, dabble in photography and photo-editing, make videos of everything but me, grow banzai trees and moss, cook my own ramen, collect rocks, foreign coins and bills, and I let the backyard weeds grow too high. I followed my doctor's advice once. I had 5 aquariums at one time, and more cats, fish, birds, etc. than can be counted, but am petless now. I have never been to Mars, have never been a mayor, but also have never been an outlaw (although I have been chased by more cops than women). I once held the world record as undefeated champion of Duel of Magic, an early online game.

    I was born in AZ, second generation, my dad was born in AZ, and my paternal grandfather came to AZ in one of the last covered wagon trains. I would like to travel more, but my wallet keeps holding me back.

    I could tell you more, but I can see that you're already bored to tears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godfer55 View Post
    Just wondering Is there a Bar and Smoking section in this Lounge?
    Of course! Pull up a chair.

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    Hey Nana,

    I would love to visit the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and many many more... oh, the Guinness Storehouse! Sorry, wasn't supposed to say that haha

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    I notice today's spambot horde seems to be really interested in this thread instead of the usual "searching forums" that they normally do. What is up with that, and should we be alarmed? Who has the fly swatter today? Need to get rid of these pesky insects!

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    They're probably fishing for info... That's why you always need to be careful of what you post... Kuen always said that since they weren't posting anything that they were just going to ignore them... Now she has finally given them something interesting to look at... Maybe the system's folks will now take a stronger look at them...

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    Sorry to read about your RA, fingers crossed for you. Re smoking, I had the flu and couldn't smoke, even if I'd wanted to. After 2 weeks I thought that as I hadn't had any, what's the point in starting again. And by the way, Henry 8 was my toyboy!

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