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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here!

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    Red face Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey everyone,

    Let me kick off this thread and tell you guys a bit about about myself. I am Kuen I'm Vietnamese originally, but I currently live and work in Vologda, Russia. Aside from being a Community Manager, I am also the Head of Customer Support Department at Playrix. After flirting with various creative career ideas, I finally made up my mind- what can be more fun and creative than games? So here I am

    I spend most of my time working and travelling. I like culture: from literature to world cinema with a lot of food and music in between. I have a good sense of humor, but many people people call it weird (I usually take that as a compliment )

    What about you guys?
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    Hi there,

    It’s been a while since I introduced myself so I think that’s a great opportunity to let you guys know a bit more info about your loyal admin.

    I’m Liza, it pronounces like |ˈliːza|. It sounds funny but I was called “lizard” here at forum and Miss Machine so currently I’m just Lizard Machine - a half animal/half machine cyborg LOL

    Sometimes I can be really geeky I adore comics, sci-fi movies, video games and books. I can just roll myself in a cozy blanket and spend the whole evening reading Chekhov stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports and stuff but for me nothing’s better than a good book.

    Being a Support Team agent is just a dream job for me as it combines dealing with player experience and my passion for gaming. I’m committed to striving to be the most player-focused and friendly agent ever so I would gladly appreciate any sound criticism

    Btw, I hope this summer I’ll visit the UK and Ireland and I’m so excited! Do you guys travel a lot?

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    Hi there,
    I'm actually Deb. Gamecenter name was changed to Annie when I tried in vain to start Township over last year with a new GameCenter ID. What better name than my cute puppy Annie who is also my avatar. Although I've heard that my actual picture appears for some people as I've periodically connected to Facebook. Grew up in California, now live in Wisconsin, work full-time at my own business, we have two high schoolers (one who'll be going to college in DC next year). We travel quite a bit. I love to read, paint water colors, hike, take photos, etc.
    Love this game but am embarrassed by how much I play.

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    Hi! I'm Nana and I am an addict. A Township addict. Also, a crossword puzzle addict. And, I smoke, drink, and curse.

    What? This isn't AA? Oh, sorry.

    Love art, architecture, literature, music - especially the classical forms of all of them. I like modern versions, too, just not as much.

    I am American. Have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Yes, got married young (didn't have to, but there was war and a draft, and many of us married young to avoid that horror). No one calls me "Nana" except here. It was a short ID name that told a lot about me in one word, so - there you go.

    I am not yet retired, trudge off to work every day to a professional accounting and financial adviser firm. I HATE math. Go figure. Strong background in agriculture too, due to where I live and the large Italian farming family I married into (my background is Irish).

    This past summer during our annual family vacation for a week at the beach, there was much gasping, and looks of stunned disbelief, and not a little snickering, when I kept whipping out my iPad and started playing Township. "Mom," my oldest daughter said, "this is so NOT you!" I am sure they are whispering behind my back still, "what is wrong with Mom?" Yeah, right, as they play Candy Crush on their iPhones. Eyeroll.

    Post Script: I am adding this mostly for Kuen. For a very long time I have bugged you about flowers. For many years, like Graylady and others, I was an avid gardener. From sun up until sun down on every day available to me i was digging, pruning, lopping, planting, amending - perennials were my great passion. Two years ago I awoke to find I was in pain from head to toe and could barely get out of bed. I was diagnosed with RA and through the miracles of modern medicine am now in remission. However, many of my obsessive gardening activities came to an end and were replaced with the iPad and eventually, Township! So, I never give up hoping for virtual flowers in my virtual town.
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    Hi! I'm Ralph... and I am an township addict... and, I like Nana, smoke, drink, and curse...

    I love art, architecture, literature, music... I studied Art History in college... Wanted to be a curator, but economics got in the way...

    I am American. I live in Denver Colorado, with my partner of 30 years Gerry and my 23-pound lap kitty Bandit... I worked in the oil and gas industry after college until the big bust in the mid 80s... Then, somehow, ended up working for the Dept of Defense... After 30 years of recalling reservists and retirees back to active duty during war, I finally said enough and quietly retired...

    I found Township shortly after breaking my hip, it has kept me semi-sane through 2 hip surgeries, followed by hip replacement, and now physical therapy... I'm glad I've met some new friends here on the forum... You guys have really kept me going through the good and the bad...

    Well, that's me, in a nut shell... Or is that, I'm a township nut in a nut shell... I wonder what island I'm from... Well anyway, im sure I'll see you there...
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    Quebec, Ca

    I am a french quebecer born in Montreal a long time ago. I always lived in the Quebec province. I married very late in my life and have no children.

    Contrary to Nana I love maths and numbers. Back in the 60's, I was one of the first girl to enter a science college opening up to girls for the first time. I remember being the only girl in the maths class. At the time, I learned programming in Fortran (yes, that old!). I dreamed of a small computer like we have today. Texas Instrument was creating pocket calculator at the time, but at something like 800$ cdn, I could not affort one.

    If I could have create my job, I would have become and "interface" between programmers and users as I could speack "both language". I've seen computers and programs being introduced in all my jobs over time. I bought my first PC in 1989, when it was on DOS and the web, as we know it now, did not exist.

    Now retired, I have many hobbies. Like Liza I love reading. Books are a big part of my life. I've read sci-fi, fantasy a lot. Now I read thrillers most of the times. I am a photographer too. I used to have thousands of pictures online but forgot to renew my subscription and they are all gone now. I did not started a new account after that. Too bad.

    I live in the country since 2003. I have a 2 acres lot so I became an avid gardener. Since I moved in, I have been planting trees, shrubbs, perennials, spring bulbs every year. For 8 years I was hybridizing daylilies. A lot of fun but a lot of work in data collecting too. My husband and I are long time birders so a lot of varieties of plants are introduce for the birds. My last newcomer is a Red Cardinal which is with us since late november. I can't wait for the return of my hummingbirds and I hope my bluebirds will come back and use their nesting box again.

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    Hello, my name is Jacqui, born and bred in Southern England hundreds of years ago. A Township addict, I now live in Essex. I drink (gin) and curse but kicked the smoking habit 10 years ago. Spent years working at a major zoo, then ran a hotel. Now retired, I've done a fair bit of travelling, USA (California, Alaska, Vegas etc, Canada, Jordan, Israel). Seem to keep ending up in Italy though. Love reading and music. No children unfortunately but nephews and nieces. Always had dogs and cats but am now allergic to them and have adopted the Township sheep.

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    Hello All,
    My name is Heidi I am in Hill Country Texas.

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    Sorry that was short and not sweet am working out tech stuff so out of practice and getting old brain. Lol

    Will work on more and picture profile etc.

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    Nice to meet you folks
    I live in a wonderful country 'down under ', in the southern state of Victoria. We can have 5 seasons in one day in Melbourne.
    When I became a widow, I had to move from our country home (wood fires etc) back to the city. I still don't like city living much, but needs must.
    . Retired after 25 years working in IT for a major airline, I love to read, sew, draw and paint, I make quilts, watch English drama shows on TV, I too am embarrassed by the amount of time I spend on township. However with some health problems at present, I can justify it. My daughter gave me my IPad for a 'significant' birthday, and I've never looked back!
    After 30 years of travelling the world, I have had to accept my flying days are pretty much over, so now enjoy listening to my 3 girls and 10 grandchildren and their travel experiences.

    I have 7 siblings living all over Australia, so the eventual get togethers can be quite fun, or maybe a bun fight.

    Marigold is my town name, not my real name, I just love the autumn shades of the marigold flower and the poppies, petunias, roses and on and on. I have a small courtyard garden of bright colour.

    I really enjoy visiting the township forums, although I find them somewhat confusing. It's nice to put some character to each township ID via this thread. Good concept Lisa, Kuen

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