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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cec View Post

    Well, that's quite the trifecta! Breaking records, getting your condo and being close to the grandkids. Congratulations!! But you never told us if the new bundle of joy is a boy or a girl? The suspense is killing me. I hope mom and family are well. Baby didn't come too early did they?

    Love your neighbor,
    Hi Cec...I was wondering where you were. I was hoping you weren't doing something crazy like housework or taking care of your grandkids! Today was closing day and this is my first night in the new condo. It was 82 today with clear skies. Tonight it's going down to a chilly 70!! Friends tell me it was 34 in Boston. My daughter in law will be having the baby on April 17th. They have a three year old boy and a two year old girl so they decided not to find out if baby is boy or girl. It will be great either way. Wish you could all be down here with me!! Lots of time for Township.
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    Stephanie Morgan
    Please add me. 4SD4KK. Facebook name is Stephanie Morgan. I play from morning til night.

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    Caz Beaumont
    Please add me. I play all the time everyday. Caz Beaumont

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    Jim Udune
    Jim Udune on facebook

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    Kepler Kepler
    Kepler kepler on facebook
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    Vũ Quốc Tấn
    add me Facebook : Vũ Quốc Tấn

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    Veronica Schultz
    Veronica Schultz add me on Facebook please

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    Benny Bennison
    Benny Bennison, looking for facebook friends

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    Louise Williams
    Louise Williams - Facebook picture is of my dog Harvey

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    Jeff Wooldridge
    Looking for neighbors. Feel free to add me.

    Jeff Wooldridge

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