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Thread: Question about regatta

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    Question about regatta

    How is it possible for a team of 4 racers to complete 24 tasks in less than 12 hours? Are they using Tcash, dumping everything but very quick tasks or what. Just seems impossible to me.

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    With only 4 racers, they can do multiple tasks at the same time. Send their boat, do 1 or 2 productions, while they do the mining or House of Chance. They may even do a couple of Zoo tasks depending on how many baskets they have. They may spend a lot of T-cash to renew the board too.

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    With the right planning a bit of T cash and some good luck with the tasks, plus as Graylady said preparing for 1 task while doing another this is easily possible. In the Gold league one week my 2 person co-op finished all our tasks in just over a day.
    (Only once mind you, generally we get all planes and trains on day one for some reason 😠

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