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Thread: can you cancel a train?

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    Laurie Galloway Price

    can you cancel a train?

    I have two trains which I have no possibility of completing, both need multiple items, which my farm is not yet producing. Can I cancel them the same way I can cancel the Helicopters?

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    Hi Laurie. Nice to meet you.

    I am sorry to say the trains cannot be cancelled. You can ask for help to fill one car in each train. Do you have the Market yet? Often, the items you need can be purchased there.
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    Hi Laurie

    I find it strange that your train ask for a crop you can't produce... Have you check if you have crops on the second screen ? To do so, click on an empty field and check if you have 2 white arrows. If so, click on either one and you will have more choice of crops to produce.
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    Laurie Galloway Price
    No, no second screen and I can't expand my buildings withiut help from the trains....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurie Galloway Price View Post
    No, no second screen and I can't expand my buildings withiut help from the trains....
    Hello Laurie,

    I'm really sorry that you've faced such a problem.
    Our Support Team agents will be happy to check into this for you so, please, be sure to make a report in our ticketing system via the Report an Issue tab in the game. Right after it, your message will be sent to the devs and they will definitely find and eliminate the cause for this issue.

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