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Thread: Friending Guide: (Friend Codes, Platform Compatibility, etc.)

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    Post Friending Guide: (Friend Codes, Platform Compatibility, etc.)

    If you understand the friending process and are just looking to share your name/code and see other's names/codes, please refer to the appropriate stickies in the Discussions sub-forum.


    LOOKING FOR FRIENDS? You first need to know what platform you are playing on.

    There are 4 Township Platforms and they can't play together:

    • Township Mobile for iOS/Android/Kindle
    • Township for Windows 10 (PC)
    • Township for MAC
    • Township Facebook (i.e. the separate game hosted on Facebook)*

    *On the forums, you will not find Township Facebook players. See this page to find friends. Please note that Playrix withdrew support for this version a long time ago. It's essentially left to operate on its own.


    Why should I have friends? Can't I just play on my own?

    1. The more friends you have the more boxes you can earn in the Market. You can scroll to the end of the Market (through all the offered products) to see how many more friends you need for a new box.
    2. Having friends means you will see their help requests. When you fill those requests, you will receive clovers. With 5 clovers, you can play the House of Luck for neat prizes.
    3. Having friends means that they see your help requests. When they fill your requests, they will receive clovers. Handy to send both trains and planes faster.
    If we are limited to 50 friends, how do we get the 4th achievement for Urbanist Club (asks for 75 friends)?
    You will have to add friends using a social system like Facebook, Game Center or Google Play Games.
    Why do some towns in the friends tab have an X and some do not?
    Your friends that have an X are friends from within the game.

    Your friends that have no X are friends from a social system outside the game. Ex: Facebook, Game Center.
    My friends keep disappearing and coming back. I see some one day, others another day. What is going on?
    Township displays a maximum of 300 friends. You can have as many friends you want on Facebook, Game Center or Google +, but some won't show up all the time. This is to prevent the game from being overloaded.

    Don't forget to take into account your in-game friends. Your friends will still see you in THEIR game.

    Say you can have 40 in-game friends and 500 Facebook friends. 240 will be missing. The friends you see will alternate across individual days.

    If "invisible" friends help with your trains or planes, they will show up in your "recent helpers" tab.



    This is the easiest way to add friends. You are limited to 50 in-game friends. You can also have up to 10 invitations pending at the same time (a loophole that allows you to keep contact as long as you don't turn the invite down or cancel the invite).

    You can either invite people that the game suggests (in the "Find Friends" tab) or enter the specific invite code of a person.

    To add someone with an invite code:
    1. Click on the Friends Tab
    2. Click on the Invite Friends button at the bottom
    3. Click on the green Enter button
    4. In the new window, enter the code given to you and click on the check mark.

    To generate your code (to share with others):
    1. Click on the Friends Tab.
    2. Click on the "Invite Friends" button in the bottom border.
    3. In the new window, click on the second button and your code will be generate.

    If you already have 50 in-game friends, this code won't work. If your platforms are not compatible, the code either won't work or invite a different player with that same code on your platform.

    Take note of when you send an invite. If your invite not accepted after 4-5 days, you can click the "X" on the top left to cancel the request. This may happen if the player has stop playing, never received your request due to a server glitch, or has already reached a 50 friend limit.

    If you receive a message saying that you can't send any more invites, check your number of pending invitations. If you have less then 10 pending (not counting the players waiting for YOU to accept THEM), count how many friends you have as you may have hit the 50 limit.

    To share your code (iOS, Android, Kindle) and see other's codes, please see this thread.



    Note #1: For a player to appear as a friend in your game, you have to accept them as friend in your social system. For example, you have to be Facebook friends on both sides (no pending requests) for you to show up in each other's games.

    Note #2: Before posting your name, link, or account information, make sure that strangers can send you requests. If your settings are on "private" nobody will find you. Check your privacy settings in your social media system.

    Note #3: Before posting your name, link, or account information, do a search on the information you want to post. How many people with that same name do you see? That is what the other players will see. Please give some idea as to how people can identify you. A description of your avatar/icon is helpful ONLY if you keep the same one for a long period. If you change it every couple of days, it is useless.

    Make sure both of your games are connected to Facebook (look at the blue cog button/settings tab) and that you are Facebook friends on both sides (no pending requests). Remember, only 300 friends can be displayed at once, so don't worry if you some of your friends missing are on Township.

    See this thread for other Facebook players looking for new friends. It's best to post a link to your Facebook so people can easily find you. You can also visit the Facebook Township Mobile page as people are looking for friends there every day.

    If you're experiencing a problem where none of your Facebook friends show up in your game, please see this thread for a solution. If you're experiencing a problem where a particular friend of yours is not showing up in your game, please see this thread for a solution.

    Game Center for iOS iPad or iPhone:
    ***This section is no longer correct due to the iOS 10 update ****

    Game Center is strictly for Apple devices so you will be able to connect only to other players playing on iPad/iPhone. There is now a limit of 150 friends you can have.

    See this thread to for a breakdown on how to use Game Center and this thread to post your GC info and find friends.

    The Mobile version and the Mac version are not compatible. Friends from iOS can't play with Mac OS X friends and vice versa, even though they show up in Game Center.

    Game Center for MAC:
    If you play on a MAC and are connected to Game Center, see this thread to find friends.

    Game Circle for Kindle:
    It seems that Township doesn't work well with Game Circle. It's better to use Facebook or Township's internal system to make friends.

    You can use this thread to post your in-game code and this thread to post your Facebook name/link.

    Google+ and Google Play Games for Android:
    You can add people that play Township when you have them in one of your circle. You can create a circle named Township and put all your contacts playing the game together. You are limited to 150 Google friends.

    You can also use Google Play Games to find other players. Add them to your circle and wait for the other person to accept you. As soon as the person accepts you, they will appear in your friends section.

    See this thread to post your name or find friends.


    If you still have friending questions or concerns, you can browse Playrix's FAQ, Township Wiki, or post a thread for forum members to help you directly.

    Most importantly, remember that friending is always going to be a tenuous process as individual platforms update and the Township game updates across time. We will do our best to make you aware of the changes.
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