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Thread: Should I built all these factories

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    Mark Gatson

    Should I built all these factories

    Hi ya'll I have a question about building factories. I'm level 34 and have yet to build the fast food restaurant, ice cream factory, pastry factory or the plastic factory. My wife who has a level 38 town has them all and insists that I should build them. However I've looked at hers and the material needed to produce most of the goods seems outrageous to me. I've been making out fine purchasing at the market and deleting orders here and there but I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing out by not having these factories. I'm wondering if I should build all of these or just one or two. Are they useful in the end or just something that sits dormant most of the time taking up valuable space?
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    Zoli Lozi Zilo
    All the factories are important to fil trains, airplanes and township orders,they will ask you for products from these factories.The only factory you can live without is the jewlery factory.(I'm level 78)

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    The only factory I rarely use is the jewellery one, all the others are constantly on the go, particularly the plastics one. Probably make more cash by "growing your own" rather than buying from market.

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    Hi Mark. I agree with all the other commenters. Yes, you NEED those 3 factories and they will seldom, if ever be idle.

    A note about the Jewelry Store - at some point you will want to build it, too, so that you can upgrade the XP for it. It will earn you some of the largest amounts of XP points. You don't have to use precious ore to make the jewelry, instead purchase it from Raja the Dealer to earn you lots of TCash. I have earned over 150 Tcash just the past 4 days and 75% of it came from jewelry sales to the Mafia guy - the rest from the House of Luck and other bits from gift balloons, etc.

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    Razvan Savin
    Fast Grow = Build All factories ( All the time to produce something and all boxes who are waiting to be FULL, those boxes are like a mini storage and will help you because Barn will be always a problem because have small capacity ).
    Coins = You will have enought coins all the time if you DONT SELL your products , use them to help players (focus on this + play at lottery to make T-cash) and make missions.
    T-cash = i use them to buy slots in Factories and i buy tolls needed for Barn Upgrade ( you will find sometimes in market tools that you need to upgrade barn ). When i have many T-cash ( thats mean 20-30 ) and i dont have nothing to buy, i use them to send extra planes = ignots + toll needed for barn upgrade + 1 T-cash - this is good for me
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    Mark Gatson
    Thanks ya'll I guess I'll get to building.

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