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Thread: Level 351

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    Level 351

    I'm having a great deal of difficulty with this level.

    Part of the problem is that sometimes the lily pads move before the flowers and lemonade drop, and sometimes they move after. So, I can't plan for what will happen when I make a match.

    As well as needing one big bomb on each side of the screen to unchain the last two lemonades.
    I usually can get one or the other, but not both.

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    Hi there!

    Oh the devious lily pads; you nailed it with your post about the challenges they present. Will they move before anything drops or after. I've said before in other posts that it makes planning much more difficult. You're obviously on the right track with this level. Perhaps the one suggestion I can make is to focus on freeing the two chained lemonades before you worry about any of the other lemonades. You may well do this already but besides clearing all the boxes (which is clearly needed to allow enough space to create the bomb power-ups you'll need to free the chained lemonades), your only goal should be to free those up. Since there aren't any other objectives on this level other then gathering lemonades, you can just keep your focus on generating power-ups and rainbow blasts. The rainbow blasts will be really helpful for getting rid of the single fruit blocking the lower lemonades, the top ones usually end up falling onto the lily pad and getting moved into the middle of the level. Making matches near the bottom to free those lemonades can be tricky so I always like to keep a firecracker or bomb close to the bottom so I can drop the lemonade out as soon as it gets in range.
    Beyond that there isn't really any other advice I can offer other then stay positive and never give up!

    Good luck!

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    Level 351

    I cannot figure out how to beat this level when I don't have access to any boosters! Even when I did have boosters! The chained lemonades are the biggest problem. PLEASE HELP!

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    The trick to this one is getting a bomb or higher grade explosive down there to remove the chains.
    In this order:
    - remove the column of boxes in the top middle
    -with the space provided, try to set up a bomb, dynamite or barrel and get it near the corners, then explode those chains
    - clear the apples below those drinks with a good rainbow blast. This will probably also release the two drinks in the middle row if they aren't free already
    - getting the other drinks should be easier, use the rivers to position them correctly so that they drop faster

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    And remember that whilst boosters do make a level easier, not having boosters at the start does not make a level impossible. I think I remember doing this level without adding boosters, its one of those levels that looks too simple to spend anything on, but is actually harder once you see the full picture

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