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Thread: 08.01 The Port Feature - Coming Soon!

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    Great news! Really excited to hear. Can't wait to see the new features. Thanks!

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    Ralph & Graylady,

    I also have 10 factories and my trains at -50%, and the other 6 factories at level 15 or higher, but I am nearly out of both silver and gold. Jewelry is at 10.

    Dan Donaldson
    Level 76
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    This is good news to see, although I have along way to go.

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    I hope it doesn't take ingots. There is not a lot of ore at least in my mine. I am at level 8511 in the mine. I want to use coins

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    That is the best news I have heard all year!!! LoL

    I just hope it doesn't take Ingot's to build it. I have been so busy upgrading everything I only have a few in my barn. After reading this thread I am assuming that the Port won't be available until sometime next month? If so that will give me time to build up my Ingot's.


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    I wonder which island Kuen was sending her email from? Fruitistan, Olivia, Fishing, or Tropica??? I'm sooo living vicariously through thought of a warm destination vacation. Graylady left the Canadian door open, and it's freezing! (just kidding, Graylady).
    Well, as usual, OA club is waaay ahead of me. So I will be kissing sailors on the dock for extra ingots. Shhh, don't tell the mayor!

    We're going sailing neighbors!

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    I'm not sure we will need ingots to open up the port. If it is like the airport, it will take coins to do it. If I remember well, repairing the airport cost 18,000 coins.

    Level 81
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- I am just a player, not a Playrix staff
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    Kuen...I really appreciate hearing from you about the exciting port news. I, for one, am ready to set sail for new let's hit the high seas and get this party started!

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    Hello Kuen, I am so happy about the Port.,,,. Is there any way you can let us know what tools we will need to complete the port. And I hope you had a great vacation.

    Level 63
    Tampa, Fl.

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    Dumitru Racoveanu
    Great news! Really excited to hear. Can't wait to see the new features. Thanks!

    Level 48

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