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Thread: Its ridiculous that u need a star for EVERYTHING

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    Its ridiculous that u need a star for EVERYTHING

    When the butler broke my fountain he should have fixed it i think u guys should tone it down a little with the stars plus when i started playing i thought i would have control on how my yard would look and i dont what if i didnt want a treehouse its just a bit much i have to spend money just to beat boards

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    Totally agree with you it's stupid you need so many stars for things like cutting down ivy it should be done in on go not like 2 of 4 or whatever

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    true! knowing how difficult earning the stars are, it's ridiculous to use 2 just to call for help and not starting a task immediately

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    Couldn't agree more, stars to decide to phone someone, stars to phone them, stars for them to do the job,then they decide you need something else and the whole star marathon starts again, Austin fault the dog got covered in paint and broke fountain he should fix and I don't care if someone's hat got blown over the wall, if they're bloody ungrateful to get it back cos it's wet then have to find them replacement hat, aaahhhhh!!!!i thought we would get stars and then fix the yard from a selection of decorations and paving ect, but we have no say and only 3 decorative options to choose from at any time, very restrictive!!! Rant over

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    Totalmente de acuerdo!! Es un abuso que se necesiten hasta 12 estrellas para acabar algún trabajo porque los niveles no son nada fáciles y hasta para empezar un nuevo día sean 2 estrellas. Deberían de cambiar las cosas de una vez.

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    Totally agree, it's ridiculous how many stars we have to spend on stupid irrelevant stuff! This game is supposed to be about building the garden not washing the dog, why do we need stars to call someone! Very very annoying

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    Ich muss sagen, dass ich es auch nicht nachvollziehen kann, dass man für alles einen oder mehrere Sterne braucht. Genauso wenig kann ich es nachvollziehen, dass man 900 Münzen braucht, um seine Leben aufzufüllen oder extra Spielzüge zu bekommen. Das ist einfach zu viel. So macht das Spiel nach 5 verlorenen Leben keinen Spaß mehr, wenn man 3 Tage braucht um die 900 Münzen voll zu bekommen.

    300 Münzen würden völlig reichen.

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    The number of stars needed is outrageous. Plus if you toned down the number of stars needed maybe we wouldn't keep getting stuck waiting for new levels. 3 times this week it's happened.

    Also, why do I have to have what the butler says I have to have. I don't want freaking peacocks in my maze

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    I think there should be more stuff one can do for just one star. I think that calling someone or doing other stuff that doesn't accomplish much should not be worth more than a star. You could give us more decoration choices, split one task of decorating the lawn into several, each costing a star for example, but each giving a certain small choice: not lavender and whatnot at once, but first I choose lavender and then the other flower. I realize that it would mean more work for you guys, but it might bring more fun into the game. And yes, I don't like the treehouse either, I think that all three decorative options are not good for my garden, too burgeois for my taste ))).

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    I too was hoping I would get to design my own garden.
    I agree with all the complaints listed in this thread. I hate having to do the tasks that Austin wants done. Also, him clapping between levels is creepy and annoying.

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