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Thread: Common Issue: Helicopter (T-Cash) Videos Disappeared/Not Working

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    At last Woody Allan is showing up again.
    Alas -( not to promote his newest movie with a Reward in T-Cash and/or Coins, but only to ask stuff. Sometimes in irrational amounts, like 12 units of Tomatoes, 12 units of cheese and 24 units of bread. Does he live on Cheeseburgers? When he shows up I regularly have to sell a lot of stuff out of my Barn.
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    Helicopter Ads For Township Cash

    Every time we have an update the apps for township cash goes away for a while and we really need this to function so please see if you can fix this right now and in the future are it's going to hurt 😭 your game because we can't do a lot of things with out these apps for cash

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    Please give me the videos back. I don't understand why they were taken away. I haven't bought any Tcash. I don't feel like it's right to take them away.
    I play township on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and on my Kindle Fire
    I am on level 64
    Town name: Robin's Town
    Co-op: Open Arms

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    Woran liegt es das ich seit kurzem keine Videos mehr bekomme ?

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    Entweder Sie haben einmal den Missiongeber weggeclickt, oder Sie haben mit echtem Geld t-cash gekauft?

    Er kommt wahrscheinlich wieder zuruck, aber das kann eine weile dauern. Tagen beim wegclicken, Wochen beim kaufen. So etwas. Und wenn man wirklich unglucklich ist, Monaten.

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    Same thing happen to me. I cannot back it again and at last after 1 day it will back.

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    I have played a year and a half and have never had one so feel lucky you had any at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Purr View Post
    Hi Im Mio, welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to say that the ad to watch to get coins/t-cash comes and goes.
    Some complain when they "just" get it once every hour.
    I'm playing for years now and this ad guy has never shown up – ever!
    So better don't hold your breath.
    Do you purchase tcash? If so then that's the problem

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    Don't you guys get it???? They are trying to force us to spend money by taking the ads away. I play other games and gets ads quite often. This is the only one that won't jump on the bandwagon. They get paid to show ads so what's the problem Playrix??????

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    I'll second that I've never received any of those videos. Didn't even knew they existed, until now.

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