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Thread: 20.01 New Gardenscapes Update

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    Jul 2016
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    Mine too. What gives? Only had it for a day

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    Me too! I have lost the Chinese special event, beating the chains of holiday levels, where has it gone? I was really enjoying this.

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    New Member Marie Steinmetz's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    My game is updating again, and my Chinese New Year event has disappeared. What is going on?

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    Hi Nataly...I was reading The Gardenscape post on FB and I thought you should know that the hackers are back posting and players wonder why they get banned, just thought I let you know.

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    Hi Zena, thanks for the info! Well, those hackers never left I think, but I do my best and try to ban them all from our page

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    Hi Nataly...they've were on Gardenscape FB post last week ...sorry if I messed it up. It makes me so angry to see them there and players falling for it. It all good here for sure.

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    Dear Nataly, I wish you a great day.. I want to tell you, that me never and never received nothing in this Play..only what I Play a lot for new Level.. I receid one star... Best regards Sara

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    why did chines year so difcalt

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    Como updated? ???

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    Sorry Nataly,
    I see no update on my appstore. I play on ios.

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