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Thread: The “I Think There's A Bug In The Game” To Do List

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    The “I Think There's A Bug In The Game” To Do List

    So you think you’ve found a bug in the game.
    Noticed a sudden loss of coins?
    Friends sent you lives but you never got them?
    Your lovely garden is lost?
    No worries, we are here to help you! Here's a list of recommendations that will come in handy when something’s not working correctly:

    1. Restart your device
    2. Make sure your game is updated to the latest version
    3. Even though Gardenscapes could be played without the Internet connection, the game occasionally needs a stable connection to download some essential data to function properly and keep you entertained. When trying to fix a bug yourself, always connect your device to Internet and make sure that connection is stable
    4. Clear the application cache (For Android users). Open your device’s settings -> Application manager -> Choose Gardenscapes -> Storage -> Clear cache. Be careful not to clear data!
    5. Check if your game is connected to your Facebook account, your device is connected to the Internet, delete the game and download it again from the app store.
    Before reinstalling Gardenscapes ALWAYS make sure that you have your game connected to Facebook, otherwise there's a chance you might lose your progress. In case nothing on this list helps, you don’t have a Facebook account and actually don’t want one, be sure to contact the support team.

    Sometimes you need more than just basic recommendations. If that’s the case, see to the additional tips. Here they are:
    1. Player interaction:
    - Disconnect the game from Facebook
    - Open the Facebook page in the browser
    - Go to Facebook Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook > Delete the game from the list
    - Reenter the game and reconnect it to Facebook
    2. Purchase won’t go through
    - Turn the device off (different from the sleep mode) and wait for 10-15 min
    - Restart the device and try again
    3. Game crashes/freezes/runs very slow
    - Close all other apps and enter the game again
    - Make sure the device meets the minimum system requirements (
    4. Facebook connection
    - Check if your username and password are correct
    - Uninstall the Facebook app from your device and try to connect to Facebook directly from the game. It's safe to install the app back again once you are connected
    - The date and time on the device should be correct. You can turn the “Automatic date and time” option off in the settings of the device
    For iOS devices
    1. Go to the device settings -> Facebook
    2. Make sure Gardenscapes is listed under Allow these apps to use your account and that permission is turned on
    3. If the problem persists, try deleting your Facebook account from the device settings (tap your name -> tap Delete Account) and logging in again
    For Android devices
    1. If you recently installed a new OS version on your device, you may need to reconnect to Facebook in the device’s settings
    2. Go to Settings -> Accounts
    3. Tap Facebook, enter the credentials for your account, and sign into it.
    4. Enter the game and try to reconnect it to Facebook
    5. No Sound
    - Check the game settings to make sure sounds and music are turned on
    - Make sure your device is not muted and that the volume is high enough
    - Try plugging in and unplugging your headphones
    - Turn the music player off
    - Open another app and see if the sound is working in general
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