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Thread: Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented Now (Or Ever)

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    Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented Now (Or Ever)

    We receive such a great amount of fresh and brilliant ideas every day that we can’t stop admiring the great imagination you all have!
    Your suggestions help us make the game better and more exciting to play!

    Unfortunately, not all these awesome things could be implemented in the game due to different reasons. Here’s a list of ideas that won’t be featured in the game:

    • Visiting friends’ gardens
    • Making the transition to the new day free
    • Replaying previous levels
    • Reducing the time needed for a life to recharge
    • Entering buildings

    We know that you’re imaginative and creative, and we thank you for enriching our community and contributing to Gardenscapes. So if you have ideas that are not on this list, no matter big or small, just let us know!
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