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    Ruth Kennedy

    Hi I wanted to make a suggestion. I think the co op leaders should be able to see who dump tasks in the regatta races. That should be included in the next update for the game.

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    This whole task thing is baffling. On the one hand you can't get ahead using tasks that are under 135 points and yet leaders don't want people to dump low point tasks. I am willing to bet that there are many players who don't understand why they should limit dumping. Having been in two different coops before making my own not once was it mentioned to me after joining that dumping was a problem. So if someone was dumping away and then joins a new coop it would need to be explained upon joining what the whole process is between dumping and gaining points. Frankly I didn't really understand it all until I created my own coop and came here to try and understand everything. I think the people who come here have a better understanding than those who don't and don't think everyone is reading all those news reports either because I know I didn't. I didn't even know there was an update changing the rules in Sep. until I came here.

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