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Thread: How Township Updates Are Made

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    Thanks for this interesting article, really nice to read and see how things go about at Playrix.

    Oh and look you've even got your own library with a comfy chair

    Enjoy your work and have a nice day.
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    Thank you guys for all your warm words! Reading such messages is our Team's greatest reward and inspiration!

    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    It looks like a fun job.
    Why are there balloons everywhere?
    Hi _DD_!

    Every employee's working place is decorated with balloons on their Birthday

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    Thanks for the news on deployment procedure. It's always interesting to get a behind scenes glimpse. The whole game is great. Keep up the good work and please try to have some new things that don't cost the earth.

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    Thanks so much I really love this game I hope the features of marking the decorations that we have comes soon. I get overwhelmed having to go back and make sure if I bought it or not. Is a lot to keep track. Best game ever 🤗😂😜

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    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us This is the best game I've played. Love it!

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    Town ship

    Quote Originally Posted by hyacinth View Post
    Thank you Anastasia for sharing this on the Forum. I find the whole concept and process so interesting. The way that the teams work a!ongside and with each other. Now that is REAL teamwork! Thank you to the whole team(s) at Playrix who continue to make this game so enjoyable.

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    Wow. You people are doing an amazing job. My son and wife use to play this game and i statred playing it last year and now i am ahead of them simply love it

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    Я рада всех приветствовать

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    Mto bom

    Mto legal, gostei bastante!

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