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Thread: How Township Updates Are Made

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    Great back story. Brought the real Playrix people to life so the players could see them at work.
    I noticed that one of the programmers had a PLAYRIX shirt or coat on the back of his chair. I and I'm sure, other would love to have PLAYRIX tee and polo shirts. How about offering cup, shirts, etc. with the Playrix logo...

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    This game is very addictive but I love got my wife to play along too also my daughter nicola
    Thank you John neesam

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    This is an Article kindly produced by the Playrix Team. Please use this thread to make any comments about the Article or the update process of Township. But we have the Wish List sub-forum for suggestions and this is not an Ask The Developers Thread so please respect this. Any posts not fitting that description will be moved to another thread. Thank you for your understanding

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    It looks like a fun job.
    Why are there balloons everywhere?

    in the game industry it stands for Quality Assurance ).
    not only there, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    It looks like a fun job.
    Why are there balloons everywhere?

    not only there, btw.
    Lol DD that's what I noticed first as well. Balloons make me nervous, so I would be happy to "share" mine with a coworker across the room. Trying my best to see what software was being used in the graphics part. There is so much hard work put into this game for us to enjoy. I know when you put your heart and soul into all that hard work an others take notice it's all worth it.
    Anywho great job on this wonderful game and interesting post guys.
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    I like this game a lot. It's keeping me leveled...

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    Hello everyone! What an interesting story! It really makes a difference when game developers such as yourselves take our suggestions and comments seriously as you work to improve games like Township and make them more fun than ever! I appreciate the fact that you hear us and do your best to make our ideas and suggestions a reality as we play Township. I honestly feel as though I am one of the characters living in such a fun place, it's so realistic. Thank you!

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    I've always wondered what it takes to make a game.... Now that I've seen it ...I know how hard and determined you work to make it possible... You guys are awesome...and keep up the good work... Looking forward to some cool updates... 😀😊😍

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    I love this game it's very addictive.

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    Thanks for all the hard work!

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