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Thread: Level 77

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    I am stuck on level 77 also but there are not enough moves to complete the level

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClogWogsWife View Post
    I am stuck on level 77 also but there are not enough moves to complete the level
    Hi there. Obtuse has posted the link to a walkthrough for this level in the post above. I agree it is a challenging level but there are enough moves once things fall in to place. Good luck

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    I agree.... I have spend some money on extra boosts and I can't get this level complete. I can get 1 of 2 but not 2 of 2. I have also bought extra moves, then I get the rainbow disc (conveniently not near the item I need and not enough moves to make it happen) been on this level for 4 days now. Need help please!!

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    I must be doing something wrong... I have done exactly what the link said (before I even read the link) and that's not working by the time I get enough bombs and such to mAke a rainbow, hardly any moves left. I have bought moves and spent real money to pass this level and I still can't. Any other suggestion?

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    Hello Community!

    This is my first forum post, so please forgive me if I make mistakes

    To pass level 77, your main goal is to have the two lemonades on the far left or right of the screen stacked on each other. Although prior to that, you must use a bomb or bigger to unfreeze the fruit in the singular box, because then when you have your lemonades perfectly positioned, you can use a rainbow blast to delete the fruit dropping the lemonades - completing the level.

    For those who like to use power-ups, just blow up the dynamite on the edge

    I hope this helped,

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    Thank you for this very helpful advices. I was afraid of level 77 because of the many threads. It wasn't easy but I got through better than I thought.

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    That's great news, Veronika! Glad I could help

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    Hi Aleksandra and welcome to the forum!

    You'e absolutely right about the strategy for this level. It's possible to deliver the lemonades to different sides of the field too, but much harder than stacking them together at the exit point.

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