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Thread: No more levels but STILL not finished with the fourth plot? Seriously?

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    No more levels but STILL not finished with the fourth plot? Seriously?

    Each thing that need doing takes more and more stars, sometimes ludicrous amounts. Yet, there are still not enough levels to finish even a fraction of the overall garden. 800 levels, a list of things to do and the stupid statue still uncovered.
    This makes even less sense the the crazy amount of street lights in the middle of the maze.

    I'm going to abandon the game for a while till it's out of the Beta stage.

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    I get that you're itching to finish the maze and move on. I imagine you're not the only one. That said, 800 levels. It's not as if Playrix has been twiddling their thumbs and you have a game that takes 3 days to finish. Those 800 levels are at least a month's worth of content to even the hardcore players and to the less hardcore months and months of content. If we waited for Playrix to have every level complete before the game was released, we wouldn't get to play it until 2018. I for one am happy to play the levels as they are released. The garden will come together over time have no fear. This happens in any game to players who play hard. No matter how much content is available, someone will hit the end and request the game cater itself to them. Most players however are not like those of us at end game. Most players are still stuck on level 77. This game is as much for them as it is for us. Something to consider any way.
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    If only the prize in the chest almost the same as in new year's box

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