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Thread: Aw come on developers!!!

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    Aw come on developers!!!

    I get a new task to pump the water - 2 stars. As soon as I get 2 stars the pump is broken and I need 2 stars to phone Colin to fix it and that needs 2 stars. Get those, phone Colin, need another 2 stars to fix pump. Do that, now need 2 x 3 stars to pump the water! No doubt there will some other problem, subtask before I finally finish this one task!

    Come on developers, make the meaningless sub-tasks 1 star at least - like making a phone call. Or make it much easier to get stars. I don't mind playing a level a few times before finally winning but getting stuck on one level for days and having to wait for my 5 lives to refill isn't fun. I scream in frustration every time I think I've got enough stars to complete a task, only to find there's another one ... Grrrrrr

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    Right with you on the frustration over this issue.

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    Yeah I know what you all mean and now you need 3 and 4 stars and then there's the ones that say 2 stars you complete it then it says 2 stars again and again. Come on

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