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Thread: Level 121

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    Level 121

    Just can't get thru this level. Collecting glasses of lemonade. You need 5 but since they don't release them often, most aren't even on the board by the time I run out of lives. Getting really disappointed as I've been trying for ages to get past it. Any suggestions?

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Been stuck on this level for a week now, getting a bit frustrated to be honest. The nearest I've gotten to complete it is 4 glasses (just needed one more turn to complete, but of course I ran out and didn't have enough coins to buy 5 extra turns ).

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    I'm sure you guys are through but im posting this for others since this was a frustrating level: Try moving both starter lemonades at least one spot closer to the middle. You can do this when you match 3 pieces or if you line up a red and white arrow or a bomb with the lemonade and then swipe..good luck everyone.

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