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Thread: 01.11 Spot the Differences!

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    What fun. I counted eight.

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    I see 4 differences

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    i see 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene Bobylev View Post
    Hello again!

    Our 'Spot the Differences' contest is ON! Have a look at two pictures below. Someone just completely ruined the snowman our Clownfish was building! Can you see any differences between two pics? If you can, count how many of those you've spotted and post the number here!
    ATTENTION: you need to post your guesses here on the forum, in this thread.

    We'll have 8 lucky winners this time who will each receive 500 free diamonds! The winners will be chosen randomly from all correct answers The results will be published tomorrow!

    Best of luck everyone!

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    I see 3
    I keep looking but that's all I see

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    I see 5 differences!

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    I counted 8 differences

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