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Thread: Tools and Materials Imbalance

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    Tools and Materials Imbalance

    While working on the last building, glass and slabs were coming in at 3 to 1 versus bricks... This building, glass and bricks are coming in at 3 to 1 versus slabs...

    Expansion tools... Shovels are coming in at 4 to 1 over axes and saws...

    Barn tools... Hammers are 3 to 1 over nails... The only place I'm seeing paint in from the airport...

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    I have been waiting for Saws for like month or longer, I Do not have any, and if I want to buy any land I def. need them!! ca come on!!

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    Glass is my main problem with the building material. I get almost 4 times more bricks then glass.

    Expansion : I see a lot more shovels too. May get 1 saw every 2 days

    Barn tools : I again had to sell some hammers to make room in my barn. From 6 to 7 tools a day I used to get before the upgrade, I'm down to around 4. I get my nails mainly with the plane.

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    Same here, waiting for glass. And nails. Saw/axes seem to be as rare though (but I got a train with 3 axes yesterday?).

    The plane has give me shovels and hammers so far... so nothing I really need!

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    I have cleared all available land (the last one will be finished by the crew tomorrow). That means I will be selling expansion tools for quite a while. Too bad I couldn't offer them for sale to you Ralph. I only recently expanded my barn, too, so I had carryover paint, but the other tools seem to be coming in okay ratio wise.

    By using GL's chart, I am able to store the building materials I need for the Horse Racing Track (with NO horses) when I level up again (later today). I am selling all excess of those too, since I will need to level up twice before I am eligible to build again. So, all in all, tools and materials sales should be brisk and profitable.

    I have one last plane to send, to earn the final achievement and I am 8 suns away from the personal goal. I intend to retire from those endeavors and focus on trains, orders, friends, and town design.

    With so many game glitches taking our stuff and profit, I figure those are the safest bets.
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    So... 59 bricks, 40 slabs... 16 glass. Sounds about right. Sigh.

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    Miro Hetzel
    35 bricks, 28 slabs, 2 glass. *sigh*

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    Anne J Prather
    Yes I agree with everyone. they couldn't make any money if they gave out all tools equally...just thinking!

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    Nana and Graylady... Just got a response back from Victoria at support... She gave me the cookie cutter answer again... You know the one... "The developers assure me that you have an equal chance of receiving all materials... Money are totally random..."

    I told her, bull sugar, that answer may work for newbies, but not for us seasoned players...

    So, Graylady, I'm going you in the general boycott of submitting reports to support, they are just useless...

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    Katie Repik
    Music Venue, glass 49, bricks 48, slabs 48... I hate to think what the dolphin thingy will require....

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