Can someone tell me why Playrix abandoned their Windows or Windows 10 PC players? By reading various social media and blogs, they refuse to answer people's questions, refund their money, and fail to fix issues in towns and their zoos. I am a victim of Playrix. I sent them an email about a problem. They sent an email claim COVID 19 will be responsible for a slow response (this is a load of BS). I sent another email, and their response timed out. Several of my co-op teammates' zoos' disappeared, and they still don't get an answer to help repair. It has been Christmas in Windows 10 player land for a year. The regattas are recycled, and players have maxed out on regatta prizes. Playrix won't even tell us why they won't update Windows Township. Is it because some Windows players still drop real money into the game and see it as a cash cow. Playrix COVID-19 response is total BS! How can they update iOS and Android platform every two months, yet do nothing for windows players? I enjoy playing on my Windows because playing on my android phone is too small, and restarting is not an option. What the hell Playrix, why don't we get any answers? If you are trashing Township Windows, then cut the cord and stop playing us.