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Thread: Filled plane crates showing as empty

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    Filled plane crates showing as empty

    For two days in a row, I've filled the plane crates of a co-op member when they asked for help. On my screen, the crates show as filled but on theirs the same crates still show as empty. I've helped this player many times before and never had a problem. He's on a Kindle and I'm on an iPhone. We both started playing only a few months ago.

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    After you have filled the crates, if the other player doesn't see them, tell him to close his game completely and restart it. With the pandemic and the extra heavy traffic on internet, some messages get lost. I have to restart my game about 50% of the time after asking for help. When I see no help within 10 minutes, I restart my game and the crates are full. My game had to get a refresh from the server to see them.

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    Thank you! That's sorted it.

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