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Thread: More jobs for black NPCs.

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    More jobs for black NPCs.

    Train station - One worker, no black
    Helicopter - Four workers, no black
    Airport - Three workers, one black
    Port - Three workers, no black.

    That's just from the transport and not the community buildings like computer store, shipyard and pool hall.

    One black worker from eleven. That is prejudice, and before I get told it's only a game, yes it is only a game so it is more shocking they don't add more black NPCs.

    Just because it is only a game, does not mean it is ok to be offensive.

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    Also, Women are 0 for 11 in those jobs.

    The only employed women I spotted were the lady who feeds the chickens and the two factories with sewing machines. There may be more, some of my factories weren't busy when I checked.
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    Johnalex Zarco
    I wouldn't say it is offensive, but I don't see why they also don't have a more diverse group. I think it might have to do with their culture, considering Playrix is based in Russia which (pretty sure about this) doesn't have any black people.
    As Mayfield pointed out, more women wouldn't be a bad thing either. And I know Russia has plenty of those.

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    I agree with the previous post and don't think it is offensive. Meanwhile I assume it would be nice to have a more diverse group, as well as more female personages.

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