Hope this is the right place to post this.

My iPad unexpectedly broke yesterday (iPad running iOS 13). The day before that, I had saved my game under the "Save Progress" tab, using my Apple ID (I don't have Facebook). After the iPad stopped working, I thought that I could load my town on my old iPhone. I downloaded the game from the App Store and went through the tutorial, but it didn't give me an option in the gear icon, to load my old progress.

I went to the support tab, and I found the page that talks about saving progress using an Apple ID instead of Facebook. However, I noticed that it said that the device must be running iOS 13 or higher. My old iPhone runs iOS 12.

I tried to contact Support via the support tab, and the Township Bot asked me a few questions. It then said, "Let's bring your game back", then asked me for my friend code, the exact name of my town, the exact level of my town, the exact number of tcash I had, and the approximate number of residents in my town. I was of course able to answer all of these, except for the EXACT number of tcash (I knew approximately, based on a screenshot I took on Saturday - I'm a tcash miser, haha), and I was off in my recollection about the approximate number of residents I have, because I forgot I had completed building an apartment building on Sunday I believe.

Because I had presumably gotten the number of tcash wrong, or my town population wrong, it kept asking me to go through the questions again. I did it, changing the amount of tcash, because I knew what it was approximately, give or take 3-5 tcash. Each time, it would say "Unfortunately, some of the data provided was incorrect and I failed to restore your town But no need to worry - let's try one more time! Please double-check your replies before entering and make sure there are no extra details in your answer. Do you want to try it again?" So we did it a few times. After each round, we had to try again.

Finally it got to the point where I said yes, let's try it again, but there was no reply back. And since then, I have gotten no reply back in the support tab conversation. It's like it's stuck. I also sent an email to Support, and received an auto-reply, which I have since replied to.

I have ordered a new iPad and it will arrive within a week

So here are my questions:
(1) Will I have any problems reloading my progress on my new iPad when it arrives? It will of course be running iOS 13
(2) in the meantime, is there any way to get my game progress back on my old iPhone, even though it runs iOS 12? (it's only urgent because I'm still checked in to the regatta, and I'm the leader of my coop, so they can't even uncheck me, so I'd like to try to salvage our regatta week so we don't get demoted back to silver league)

Sorry for the long post, hope someone can help!