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    The Blossoming Boulevards Event Decor

    To see the thread from last year, go here

    I think this is one of those events people either really enjoy or really don't, but it always comes with exceptionally pretty decorations.

    I think the new fence and gate are really, pretty, but those and the gnomes are seriously out of scale.

    I also wanted to post my annual plea for them to turn the lilies into a permanent decoration like the other 1x1 flower fields.

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    Indeed the new fences look great, Mayfield.
    Not really a fan of the Event but the decorations are really use in the Magic forest in my Zoo.

    Maybe a rearrangement of my flower area is coming up soon...

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    Thanks for posting this, Mayfield

    I fully agree with you that the decos are pretty, esp. the fences, and I also like the swing. Am amazed, though, that the main prize in the event is the fence (with gate) and not the topiary.

    The decorated houses IN the event window really look beautiful, too I wish I could use that somewhere in town.

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