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Thread: Notifications Button To See Who Has Helped How

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    Notifications Button To See Who Has Helped How

    Hey there! I’d just like to say thank you so much for creating such an amazing game.
    (Continue reading for sentimental story, skip to next paragraph for wish)

    Years ago when I first purchased my laptop, I scrolled through the apple store dying for a good game to play. I stumbled upon township ; next thing I knew , I was fully hooked ; level 70 - and my only concern or issue was not being able to play from my phone and finish tasks like I wanted to. Now you’ve even fixed that !! I’m sooooo addicted to this game and will more than likely be playing forever. I love it - it’s so fun. Thank you for it’s creation!!

    My only wish, is that when people are helping me (filling requests in my chat box) that it could be recorded somewhere? In a small notifications center in the game? Because I’ve sometimes been looking away or playing mini sub games as they’ve helped, and missed the helpers name and am unable to thank them 😭 I think it’d be so awesome to have that Notification Center somewhere otherwise , 👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you for everything ! ❤️ God bless !

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    There's a recent helpers tab

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    If you meaning your coop, you could put a Thank You in your chat.
    Otherwise as BlackLivesMatter says there is the recent helpers tab.
    You cannot message a thank you, but you can send them a gold balloon. Also once you click to accept their help a gift balloon is sent to them.( the blue ones you receive )

    Glad you are enjoying your game,
    Have fun

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    I do get a box on the screen that says something like "XXX gave you 4 peppers." If I am on it pops up immediately. If the chat request was filled while I was away, the box is there when I open and I need to tap it to close. I haven't noticed what happens if the chat help happens while I'm busy in a mini-game.

    You are right, this feature is very nice. My one small note for improvement is that when chat requests are filled by two or more coop mates while I am on, the boxes disappear too quickly and I sometimes miss the first giver as that box gave way to the second one.

    The only people who can help you with a chat request are your coop mates, so chat is a logical place to thank them.

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