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Thread: Relationship between # of copter orders and proximity to housing?

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    I believe that if you have all of your buildings on the very edge of your town, you sometimes don't see all your heli orders. I think the buildings have to be on the map shown in the heli tab for you to see orders, so occasionally people only see 7 or 8 instead of nine. But if you move your buildings on to the map, all orders show up again.
    If this were true, I would think there would be something here or in the wiki stating that and I cant find anything in the wiki at all that talks about the variable number of active orders you may see at the helipad and what conditions could change that number. The OP posted a screen shot of his open orders when he started the thread and there were 6 people and no timers and he asked if the reduced number of orders was because he had sold houses to gain XP. This is when people started telling him to move his helipad closer to his houses and he would get the orders back. I just couldnt believe that so I checked the wiki and it just says that 'the higher level you are, the more customers will appear, up to a maximum of 9.' Nothing specific about it being tied to population, but you cant move up without increasing population, and nothing at all about the position of your helipad increasing or decreasing the number of customers. The wiki page is pretty old, tho, is there someplace else to look for more current info?

    I never looked at the helipad background as an actual map of how far the copter would go, just a cute rendition of my town in the background because there has to be something there!
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