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Thread: iPad/tablet vs Phone

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    iPad/tablet vs Phone

    My friend & I are curious to how many people use an iPad/tablet vs a phone to play Township. Help us out! If the poll doesn’t work for you, please comment!

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    Gold Member _DD_'s Avatar
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    lol you are aware that you will only get the few folks who are still in the forum?
    (and why is this in the Wishlist?)

    OK, I use an Android tablet (actually two *g*). Where should I put the checkmark, is that in nr 1?

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    Gold Member Rocky_Ruud's Avatar
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    Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
    And what if I play on both, tablet AND phone? Missing option to vote for that

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    DD, it’s just for fun lol

    Rocky, I set the option for multiple choice, sometimes it doesn’t work

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    Quote Originally Posted by SafeHaven View Post
    DD, it’s just for fun lol
    Really! who'd have thought that.

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    I have the game on my mobile, but always play on my tablet

    BTW SafeHaven, what do you and your friend play the game on?

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    2 phones. 1 I phone 1 android. Android tablet and I pad. The therapy has been booked

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    Ooh. Both iOS and Android? Are you in the process of migrating or is this a long-standing arrangement?

    It would bug me to buy the same app again in the other version. (Yes, not every app on my iPad is free to download, money to play. I vastly prefer the one time payment up front approach.)

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    I play on both but iPad is preferred.

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    Neil, your comment lol

    Downtown, I play on an iPad, he plays on a phone

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