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Thread: Why did Playrix abandon their PC Windows 10 players?

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    Why did Playrix abandon their PC Windows 10 players?

    Can someone tell me why Playrix abandoned their Windows or Windows 10 PC players? By reading various social media and blogs, they refuse to answer people's questions, refund their money, and fail to fix issues in towns and their zoos. I am a victim of Playrix. I sent them an email about a problem. They sent an email claim COVID 19 will be responsible for a slow response (this is a load of BS). I sent another email, and their response timed out. Several of my co-op teammates' zoos' disappeared, and they still don't get an answer to help repair. It has been Christmas in Windows 10 player land for a year. The regattas are recycled, and players have maxed out on regatta prizes. Playrix won't even tell us why they won't update Windows Township. Is it because some Windows players still drop real money into the game and see it as a cash cow. Playrix COVID-19 response is total BS! How can they update iOS and Android platform every two months, yet do nothing for windows players? I enjoy playing on my Windows because playing on my android phone is too small, and restarting is not an option. What the hell Playrix, why don't we get any answers? If you are trashing Township Windows, then cut the cord and stop playing us.

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    With the forum closing in a few days and seeing how Playrix employees didn't really frequent it to begin with. I find it highly doubtful that you will get a reply here.

    We had a co-op member lose her zoo recently. The replacement they give for it was sent out within a week.

    The 1st email you get from them is an automated response. You must reply to it and restate you problem. Hopefully in 3-5 days you should get some form of response. If not send another email with your 1st response and the automated reply in it. Rinse and repeat until you get a human.

    I recently contacted them with an issue. took 4 days to get a response. Wasn't what I wanted but it was a response.

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    The handwriting has been on the wall for quite some time.

    There used to be a FB version of the game and eventually that became "unsupported" (read: "disappeared").

    Then there was the new Zoo but not for the Windows version, they still have the old Zoo (with Windows specific bugs (read: "more disappearances")).

    Then no new buildings (Tool Exchange or anything after level 68). I get the feeling that the newer Events aren't happening either.

    Plus it's been snowing since last December and I don't think it's purely due to Global Cooling

    It's almost as if they completely lost any software people who know Windows or don't want to continue to sink development money into the less popular game platform.

    Now they're shutting down the forum. Since it's really just player supported / maintained the only real cost is the licensed use of Vbulletin Software and probably the server hosting the forum. Making it read-only wouldn't really reduce those costs too much unless the "read-only" status is "temporary" (read: "pre-disappearance").

    Windows support and the server used for the Windows version of regatta, player data, yada yada is just another expense that may be subject to "trimming".

    They are continuing to introduce more features to the more profitable version, Android / iOS / Kindle / and now MAC to a common platform / server complex. The new features are, as a matter of fact, compelling. I think the new format for Interseasonal might be fun. I don't know if it will be a revenue stream like the Professor's Experiment, time will tell.

    So matey, strike me a dirge as we drop the Windows version into the briny deep off of our racing yachts. Tip our 3-cornered hats, raise a mug of rum, and tell tales of our shipmates.

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Sounds like Windows version might be the next Facebook version. I would suggest switching over to Android (there must be a way to get a bigger device for it? Unfortunately, Playrix has taken away the ability to play on a android emulator like Bluestacks and Nox which makes their game less appealing to many).

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