Hi folks.... Evidently there is a new bug in the fair play detection logic for Township. It's related to the fact that the Mac version of Township is now able to connect to the mobile game you already have in progress. So -- I downloaded Township from the Mac App Store, started it, answered yes to the prompt to connect it to my account, and BOOM!!! Banned!!

I flip over to Android -- no surprise -- now banned there too as well. Contacted support, and they were not courteous or helpful at all. I told them I have a level 84 town, played for years, spent hundreds or maybe even over a thousand dollars on it by now not sure. They just said "inconsistencies found with in-game balance" and shut down the chat -- permanently I might add. I can't even start a new support chat, and the web chat channel is ignoring me. Most likely the bug is that Township's integration with Mac falsely triggered the ban because it's looking for purchases in the Mac App Store now and it's ignoring my Google Play Account where all my purchases were made.

Ever since all my attempts to reach support through multiple avenues are being ignored. I am hoping that a moderator will take up my cause, private message me, anything, because I know that this issue isn't only affecting me. I am reading about other distraught customers such as myself going through the same experience on various Facebook groups.

I have to say that I have never seen support run like this before... where the customer makes a statement, then support makes a determination and then hangs up and does not allow the customer even an opportunity to discuss further to prove his case. It's very frustrating. I can send digital records of all my hundreds of payments on Google Play Store if it will help.

This is in reference to support conversation id 8208827. If somebody could please find somebody at Playrix willing to listen to a loyal customer, I'd be grateful.