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Thread: CO-OP Leader Options

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    CO-OP Leader Options

    Hi. I wonder if can make a tab for the Leader of CO-OP with more aditional information like, what members delete on the regatta, if anyone take a task rezerved of someone else. With options to delete messege from chat, to mute someone fo a wile and to ban members who don't want to leave if you kick them. A more detailed.

    Thanks 😁

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    only negatives )) how about to give any bonuses? )))

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    I would like to ask why you need a tab for that?
    If you decide someone is chatting inappropriately and members are complaining, as a leader you should take notice and ban the wrongdoer.
    Leaders can enforce their rules with regard to players taking tasks that have been reserved. Restrict the offender from regatta, if they constantly disobey your rules. But do this at the end of the week so it doesn’t effect your point score.
    If you kick someone from the coop they don’t have a choice they are gone. Maybe you could set your coop to closed or invite only as many coops do.

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