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Thread: BETA Version and how to handle it

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    BETA Version and how to handle it

    Beta Testing for Township

    Almost every time beta version is distributed to the players, I read in Township Facebook groups and here as well stories about people losing access to their towns because something went wrong, they pressed the wrong button or they just didn't know what they were doing. It saddens me because I think beta is fun. However, you need to know about beta limitations and how to handle it to make testing an enjoyable experience. That is why I wrote this guide for all potential testers and players who receive beta but don't feel confident installing it.

    What Is Beta

    Beta is a test version of the upcoming update. It is usually released 3-4 weeks prior to the update and allows the devs to test new features before they go live. Beta testing is only available for iOS device, it is not possible to test on any other platform.


    1. You are among the first players to try different features or mini games and to have a sneak peek at the upcoming update.

    2. You will get 20 tcash for beta testing after answering the survey from the devs

    3. You get rewards when beta testing an event, but they are different from the rewards when it goes live

    4. You can have a head start on new achievements (like collecting seaweed & mushrooms)

    Important Things To Consider Before Installing Beta:

    - In-app purchases are disabled for beta. You can’t buy tcash or any special offer which becomes available for others while you are testing

    - Occasionally you miss out on current events and event decorations because you are testing a different event

    - Sometimes you discover bugs and glitches and you may be stuck with them until the update is out

    - If you play on two devices, and the second device is Android or Kindle, after installing beta you won’t be able to play on it. You will have to play on your iOS device until the update is released.

    You absolutely can and should stay in your own co-op, you can still help and get help from others unless you request a new product (like mushrooms), and then only other testers can help you.

    How To Test

    Playrix system automatically picks random players and sends them invites to beta test in game.

    Once you press the Install button, you will be asked to download a special app called TestFlight. You then have to open TestFlight and install beta from there.

    Beta testing period normally lasts about 3-4 weeks, you get off beta when the update becomes available.

    IMPORTANT! You can NOT return to normal version and DON’T press the Stop Testing button in TestFlight, because then you will LOSE ACCESS to your town UNTIL the update comes out. If you need to reinstall the game, delete it and download again FROM TESTFLIGHT, NOT from the AppStore.

    How To Get Off Beta

    When an update is rolled out, it doesn’t appear in the Updates section of the AppStore. You have to manually search for Township, click on the search result and go directly to Township page. Make sure it is the latest version, then click on the cloud icon and download the game. It will replace beta with the updated version.

    PDF version of this guide is available here


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    Johnalex Zarco
    Good info to know. I chose to not beta test this last update as I was working on something and didn't want to lose my progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnalex Zarco View Post
    Good info to know. I chose to not beta test this last update as I was working on something and didn't want to lose my progress.
    You generally don’t lose your progress when you move to beta and get off it. It is not a very common occasion. The reason for loss of progress in a lot of cases is the actions of beta testers themselves, who don’t read the info bit that is given with the invitation and also don’t research or ask around when they discover problems

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    Thank you for the information

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