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Thread: Really Gift Shop?

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    Really Gift Shop?

    So my zoo products updated. I got this for my hot product in the Gift Shop....

    Zoo Gift Shop.jpg


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    Light of the World~Emily
    Oh, ouch. Please tell me you're not doing a hot products task!!!

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    I miss having the shops in the Zoo, mine is complete when my llamas are finally in..possibly tomorrow, and then it will be redundant.
    So many players don’t even bother with it since they removed the working shops and made them simply decos.
    That said..I don’t miss having to the “hot product” task when items like that one are it.
    If you are doing the of luck.

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    Lol. I think the devs saw the conversations here about not bothering to build the jeweler.

    I never took Hot Products task without first checking my zoo shops to see what's hot and how long they have. With the right stuff it can be a really fast and easy task. But with bad products up, it was a pretty terrible task.

    The first time I braved that task was when I had ears of corn hot in one shop and another slightly longer crop in another. I miss those shops and that task.

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    I was doing a hot product task. Luckily I had milk as one of mine. Took about 2 hours to stock enough milk 8 at a time to finish it.

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    Right, every shopndoesnt need to be used. It only takes a couple with good products hot.

    Or, in my case, took, past tense.

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