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Thread: How Many Levels Are There?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obtuse View Post
    The second area stays the same (minus the river rock), they just added an additional section off the back end, behind the doghouse.
    Ah so thats what that area behind the doghouse was for. I was wondering why we had to build behind the fence over there...
    Yeah the devs have a very limited scope on garden design. Customisation isnt that great in this game.

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    Right now, it's 1350 going on. Just opened up another area. Seriously, can anyone tell how many levels are there!

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    There are 1800 levels on mobile at this current moment in time.

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    1825 for mobiles now

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    I am on level 1876 and waiting for more to be added

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    1876 on IPad Pro USA
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    1876 for androids.

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    Currently I'm on level 1,634 with no end in sight.

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    I hope there will actually be the end at the end as for now I'm level 1951.. and it is horse it stopped in the middle of the scenario, and gives to play chest game as new levels are coming.
    To what I've noticed so far there are
    - five days in each level/area opened,
    - each day needs around 60 stars to pass. So here we go.
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    Currently 1975 levels in game

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