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Thread: How Many Levels Are There?

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    Well that's disappointing, but thanks for letting me know it's not just me.

    So the fb game isn't actually the same as the mobile versions? Will it ever be synch'd? How fast do the levels get added to the fb version?

    Thanks, btw your PM box is full, frank

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    Why do people seem to run out of levels at different times, I'm at 725 and am back to opening chests but some have level 740 available?? Enquiring minds want to know!

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    I'm at level 1212 and I really wondered how many levels are left😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenine Tangen View Post
    As of today...


    OMG... lvl 1326 and still no water here? This is very frustrating!
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    At least you've almost completed the area, I'm on level 1318 and am just starting my upgraded dog training area (beginning of Day 3). Now if only I could convince Austin not to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

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    Wait, at some point you start "renevating" the bottom right corner, the cutest part, the second section, with the treehouse? That's the cutest area. I don't want to change it! Why would we "improve" that? It was kind of like when we had to put up flags and statues all around the hedge maze. It was cuter without all that crap. An option should be, "no statues" rather than "which statue."

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    The second area stays the same (minus the river rock), they just added an additional section off the back end, behind the doghouse.

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    I'm on 994 and looks like I'm along way off

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    I'm on level 795. I can't wait to get the port area done to see what area is next.

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