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Thread: How Many Levels Are There?

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    So far I’m on level 1842 on Fishdom

    I’m on level 1842 so not sure how many more there are

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    I’m on level 1872, really don’t know how many levels there are On Fishdom

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    actually 2001 would be next waiting for some more

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    I’m on level 2001.

    It’s frustrating. No new levels. No new stars. Can’t complete the horse area. Got all the Christmas decorations up.

    They should add stars to the opening of the chests. First one 1 Star, second 2 stars, third, 3.

    Just a thought

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    I'm now on 2026. Still no new levels...

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    I'm on level 1309 and my garden isn't half done so I'm assuming the company just keeps adding every week/month.

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    I do not know what platform you play, but I play on my iPad and I am waiting on level 2051 for the next one. I'm having to play the treasure box levels while I wait. But the funny thing is I need one star to do my next project in the Horse area. Anyone get past the horse area before they were stopped?

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    I'm on level 2051 when will there be more

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    I finally looked up this forum because for the last week I've been getting the construction message. I'm at level 3936. I'm in the middle of fixing the rabbit area and I had several tasks left but no more levels. Is this how it works when you catch up to them?

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    the apparent pattern is that sometime on Thursday they release another 35 levels, so right now we're up to level 3970 (with waiting for next level 3971). It's best not to play anything until you get the new levels, and then only play some of the treasure chests if you need to maintain your place in the current league game (apples, lightning, or fireworks). Don't start a new league if all you have are treasure chests.

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