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Thread: Make cooking event parmanent.

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    Make cooking event parmanent.

    It will be amazing if the cooking events are parmanent.Everyone loves cooking events!In my co op all the players served more than 100 customers in the current event Italian week.I like to suggest make these events parmanent in the restaurants.Like in the fast food restaurant,fast food week and in Italian restaurant Italian,Italian week.To participate, you need some food items not supply packs.It will be amazing and awesome if these events are parmanent.And make leaderboard for customer sarving and add a cheat which you can unlock by earning and sarving customers.There can be new regatta tasks- sarving customers and seasonal regatta tasks- earn points.Pleaeeee follow my request,and township will be more popular if these events are parmanent!
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    The suggestion is (sort of) in the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list, look under "Creative" for a link to the related suggestion thread.
    Unfortunately, Playrix hasn't reacted to the ideas in a long time, + that other suggestion is from 2017 (when also the zoo was different for Android/IOS/Kindle).

    And as they close this forum at the end of this month, you'd probably better send them your idea by an ingame report. There should still be the category "Feedback" or some such

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