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Thread: Township cant connect server error

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    J ai un message qui s affiche lors de l ouverture du jeu: malheureusement nous n avons pas réussi à nous connecter au serveur.
    J ai procédé à la mise à jour du jeu et vérifié mon réseau, tout est ok de mon coté.
    J ai envoyé plusieurs messages au service client. On me demande d aller sur le support dans le jeu mais je n y arrive pas à cause d une connection non privée....
    J ai contacté le service client via le formulaire sans réponse.
    J ai eu le malheur de désinstaller et réinstaller le jeu. J ai fait le tutoriel et je n arrive pas à reprendre ma partie. Je suis au début!!
    Avant le beug, je venais d acheter le passe d or!!!!
    Je n ai pas le cœur à tout recommencer. Je voudrai de l aide pour retrouver ma partie.
    Merci à ceux qui pourront m aider.
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    Niveau 41 ou 42!!!

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    In my case I don't get the "cannot connect to server" message anymore. Instead the game is just stuck at "loading..."

    Few minutes later: Ok, never mind, still get the "cannot connect to server" message.
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    Well I had the same problem on Android, level 93, and contacted Playrix but they did not inform me that they were aware of the problem. They suggested I go to article which was of no help. The email went on to say "if you still need help just reply to this message, we'll do our best to help you". So I replied to their email that I still required help, and the response I got back was "We would like to inform you that this email support address is no longer monitored. We apologize for the inconvenience. To contact us please submit a new request directly from the game". So I went to open the game but it won't open!!! So in frustration I uninstalled and reinstalled - but the reinstalled version still won't connect to the server. I have uninstalled again. I hope that when they get it fixed I will still be on level 93 - not back at level 1
    How will we know when it is fixed?? Thanks

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    I copy here the feedback I got from playrix support.


    Thanks for the information! Our team is working hard to fix the problem, but it could take some time (up to a few days) before we get it all figured out.

    I’ll get back to you shortly with an update on the situation, so stay tuned, and thank you for your loyalty and support!"

    I wrote email. They said I have to write in the game. If I can not then reply this email. So I replied. Then they gave this answer.
    I hope all of us will get back our levels.

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    Thanks for sharing! Still don't get it why they cannot post a message on their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    For the longest time I was scratching my head trying to figure out *why* does changing the date backwards actually restore access to the server. My best guess is that they had some target date for the implementation of a feature and had the latest update contain a "date check" so that it did *not* try to use that feature until the target date was reached. Maybe the target date had to do with the deployment of software on their servers to support the new feature.
    OK, quoting myself, I now have some answers to my original questions and maybe some useful info for the community at large.

    Some enterprising gamers in Russia have figured out the significance of setting the date backwards. It has to do with a series of "Secure Communication Site Certificates" used by the internet HTTPS protocols to ensure a site is who it claims to be and not spoofing and pretending to be something else. These certificates expired on May 30, 2020. That explains why setting the date backwards seemed to work, at least for a little while.

    If you're running an old version of Android, possibly pre version 6 (but I'm not sure on that), you have "old data" on your device and the process to provide updated certificate information is *not* automated, at least not for everyone on some devices (again, unclear which devices are affected). Just how to manually update these certificates is also unclear or if it is even possible, depending on the age of the device.

    A nice lady named Lisa documented what she did to update her certificated database but it may very well be beyond the ability of some people to do manually or to get exactly right. Getting it wrong is even more disastrous. So the best advice seems to be to wait it out until Playrix comes out with their solution or at least a document on how to make local device changes without any of the bad side effects.

    Also, it has been pointed out that there are at least 2 separate problems, both manifest as "unable to connect to the server". How to tell which is which is also problematic. My best guess is that if you have an "older device", you're probably running into the "Certificate Problem" which has no official solution at the moment. There is no guarantee that there are only 2 problems, there may very well be a 3rd as people are reporting several different popup messages.

    At this point the best that can be said is that "tech people are working on the issues and will provide a solution when one is available". So stay tuned for any updates.

    Sorry, that's all I have at the moment. Good luck.

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    Thanks cdosr

    I would be quite scared of changing time to enable expired security certificates to function. Fear that may open a back door to all sorts of nasties.

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    Ugrifalva Can you let us know the Playrix support you contacted through mail please... Mail address/ID of them.
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    That explanation makes a lot of sense. I'm only experiencing these issues on an old Android 5 device. My Android 10 let me play the game without problems. And I also see other secure websites showing similar problems with certificates ... again only on Android 5.

    I'm a system administrator myself and know from years of first hand experience how f... upped certificate problems can be. I hate everything certificate related because it always will be problematic.

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    Hi, I had Android version 5 have now updated to 7, as mentioned I had uninstalled Township because of all the problems. Is there a chance I can get my old data (level 93) if I reinstall it, if so what do I do?

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