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Thread: Township cant connect server error

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    May 2020
    I have avoided updating. So is there anything new about the issue? Is it safe to update now?

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    I woukd wait fir the next full update.
    Playrix are telling us nothing!

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    Jun 2020
    Is the townsip support in game working.
    I contacted the person and he hasnt replay to me even after 2 days.

    I am having problem with the server. I can play the game bucant see my coop temember cant visit somones town and also is i open my account in another phone it doesnt continue from where i left also i am not geeting any help from my team i cant request anything ...
    Someone plz replay...

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    No meu está acontecendo a mesma coisas não estou conseguindo conectar minha conta no servido e nem no Facebook e nem estou conseguindo entrar nas cooperativas só fica carregando
    tempo inteiro carregando
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