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Thread: Township cant connect server error

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    If you have uninstalled and reinstalled your game, please see the message in post 35.
    All others please wait, they are aware and are working on it, all we can do is wait.

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    Post 35 of minimal use. I can’t even start township now

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    I'm pleased to hear they are aware of the problem but it doesn't help us that will lose things in the meantime.luckily, I didn't uninstall cuz I'm on level 114 with loads of coins and cash and didn't trust that it would reinstall from where I was. But I did have boosters in play and paid for the man at the market and also the same as one player said about losin log in for so many days😣..besides I love the and and I'm in a great co-op . The regatta starts today and if we aren't online will we be able to play when we are? Please playrix get your skates on with this

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    Thanks for that info but I tried going on their site before and my interent tells me that its insecure and tells me to leave. E-mailing doesn't work either now. They say they no longer read them 😕

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    Also I don't see how it's it's different thing when everyone had can't connect and then loading problems after that. It is one and the same playrix

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    Keine Surver Verbindung Behebung s vorschläge haben Stadt weckgenomen

    Bei mir genau das selbe Stadt im Paar und 70ger Level nun weck soll auch bei Level 1 wieder anfangen das ganze Geld weck Little Texas meine Stadt weck aber das Server Problem ist noch da

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    Apparently Playrix is aware of the problem and acknowledged it. So we have to wait until they will have fixed it.

    Es scheint, als sei Playrix das Problem bekannt. Jedenfalls haben sie es bestätigt. Wir müssen also jetzt warten, bis sie es repariert haben.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catsalive View Post
    Post 35 of minimal use. I can’t even start township now
    The link given there works in your browser, and did you see the remark about the chat button and try it?
    No idea whether you reach someone, but I see it appearing bottom right, when scrolling down.

    I hope they just need your data to restore your town later, after they've repaired whatever it is, like in your siggie, maybe plus friend code, so keep it handy. And good luck!

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    Restoring the game should not be necessary if you see the "cannot conect to server" message. Once the game can connect again it should automatically load the game setting from Google Play or Facebook.

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    Hi Guys,
    I have the same problem for 4 days and support doesn't have any responses. Please help.
    My Township app(Android) start to alert I can't connect to the server, I read the forum and followed the guidance. I restart the mobile, reinstall the app now I lost my town and my friends. Unfortunately, I didn't connect to Facebook and I don't know my co-op exact name. Could you help me, please? I need to back and see my friends
    My user: mehr
    My e: mehreeizad-at-gmaii-com
    My level: 104
    My co-op: is a German co-op but I forgot the name.
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