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    City market

    Can someone tell me how I can use the city market dealer . I have the number 9 under the dealer on a bag but have asked township what to do with it but everything they have suggested doesn’t work ❤️

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    That is the number of coupons you have. The coupons are used as a one time deal - when you don't have the dealer hired, and you tap on him, you will get the option to hire him for 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, or use one coupon to buy something one time without hiring him at all.

    If you choose the coupon, you can search an item you want to buy, buy it, then the number of coupons will be reduced by one. After an hour, you can use another coupon.

    You can only use these when the dealer is not hired. When you have him hired, the option to use coupons will not show up.
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